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No AC Belt = Generous power gain?
Hey guys I recently had my ac belt snap and ever since Ive noticed an overall power gain that has made my car much more enjoyable to drive. Its pulling so much harder it literally feels like Im running on a different tune, it even sounds better. The difference I feel is more noticeable than when I switched out my oem exhaust for the yonaka catback exhaust. I rarely ever use ac but I like to have it available if I need it. I was wondering...

1) If I leave the belt off til the spring/summer whenever it gets hot can that do any damage to my ac components?

2) If I might have a bad ac compressor because it seems abnormal for it to be drawing so much power from my crank even when the ac is not on.

Im a noob with ac systems. Ive pulled out my condenser/compressor a few times but other than that I dont have experience with ac systems.
-Jay was here
It could just be a slightly tight clutch on the compressor, It's completely normal. It's doubtful it will do any real damage to the compressor if you leave the belt off, Though the pulley may rust slightly.
I might just replace the compressor and get it vacuumed/recharged by summer time just to see if it really makes a difference. As for now im cruising with no ac and loving it. I feel like I was being robbed of the true potential of my setup with the ac hooked up. If only I lived more north id just delete the ac altogether.
-Jay was here

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