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what attaches to here?
number 7 in the diagram

i dont have the part on my valve cover. looks like a cable holder, but what cable is it suppose to hold? am i missing something from my bay? also i see that some d series valve covers dont have that mount.

what years dont have that mount and/or is it possible to shave it?

edit, what attaches to the pipe on the left side of it? sometime i see a hose to the intake or a filter on it.
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i would assume it held the throttle cable on a rhd car seing as it kind of loops around the engine in rhd cars.

shaving it would require lots of grinding
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Ive actually never seen anyone with that bracket still in place.
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Mine never came with anything there so I cut and shaved it off.
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that bracket is actually used for the d16y7 throttle cable.
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