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Hey guys just curious if I make decals would anyone want to buy some, they would say the websites name of course and mostly ej8 stickers.. LMK (: Rice
Support the site and buy decals here.
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Well I can make them for cheaper js
Why would you undercut the forum to put money in your own pocket?

I could make decals and sell them cheaper as well but ethically speaking that's just not right. If you're here just to try and make a quick buck, then please find your way out of here. EJ8-related or not, I'd rather support this site instead of putting any money in your pocket.
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Oh and just an FYI, the name is copyrighted.

Support the site. The stickers won't wont make or break your wallet. If people didn't support the site then it probably wouldn't be here. Websites aren't free you know.
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helluva intro thread
I didn't see it like that your right.. Sorry about that.

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