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Crooked mechanics
I hear about it all the time. Its very disturbing how desperate some people are. It's also why I'm literally scared to take my car to a "real" mechanic.

I have a friend with a healthy stock 2001 Honda Accord with about 70000 miles. I usually help him with all his maintenance and repairs. I've done oil changes, transmission fluid changes, rotors/pads, bled brakes, and other stuff too. I had helped him with a busted coolant hose like 2 weeks ago and that night after I fixed the issue we went for a test drive and everything was perfectly fine. Well yesterday I was talking to him and he tells me that he took his car to a family-referred mechanic that they've been doing business with for over 20 years. He said his brakes were completely shot, extremely soggy and not really working much at all. My first remark was dude you should of told me I could of helped u maybe you have a brake fluid leak somewhere, the brake booster and/or MC went out, or somehow u got a bunch of air in the lines. So anyway he pretty much told his family-mechanic the history of maintenance and stuff I did to his car. The mechanic deliberately told him that I put transmission fluid in the brake lines and brake fluid in the transmission and he shouldn't let me touch your car because I don't know what i'm doing. N then the inevitable dumb statement... "when you changed my transmission fluid u probably put it in the wrong spot" (I changed his tranny fluid like 6 months ago).. And then I explained to him the 5 things wrong with that statement. Not to mention he watches me do everything to his car.. and that night we flushed the tranny, I did not touch the brakes at all. And the night I worked on his brakes I didn't touch the tranny. So I was like that's a pretty wild claim. Did u see red fluid in the MC reservoir.. of course he didn't even know what the master cylinder is so he was clueless. But he had the audacity to tell me that i was being "stubborn" because I wouldn't admit I screwed up.. So that was another 10 min argument..

So he said the mechanic replaced the brake lines (since there was transmission fluid in it supposedly).. N i was like hmm thats ok if the lines were somehow damaged but I doubt it was necessary he could of just bled the fluid out. N he was like well idk but he fixed it. To make matters worse. My friend has asked me about the maintenance light a few times and I would tell him that's just a moneymaker Honda threw in there but usually when it goes off you might wana look into doing some maintenance. But don't worry about it too much, worry about a CEL. (which he's never had a CEL for the 2 years he's owned the car).. Well, family loved mechanic told him "if you would of drove the car for another week your engine would have blown because you were ignoring the maintenance light"... And I was like really... that's interesting I wonder why your engine would blow. He had his timing belt/water pump changed by Honda when he got the car 2 years ago. I've been doing basic maintenance on his car and its very healthy. His oil doesn't even turn dark brown after 3000 miles! So I asked what did he fix or change then to stop the engine from blowing and my friend said "O well I didn't ask but he fixed something for sure because the maintenance light isn't on anymore"... And then I said "he just reset the light, it'll come on again in another 10000 miles or whatever the interval is on your car". The blank stares in his face were priceless. I was like also if there was brake fluid in the transmission why hasn't your transmission blown yet? did he change your transmission fluid again? he said no. I'm like so he told u there's brake fluid in the tranny and he didn't take said brake fluid out of said tranny.. More blank stares...

"How much did you pay your mechanic Steven?"
Answer: "$500"

To make matters worse.. Later we rode in his car and his e-brake light turned on while he was driving.. N im like better take it back to your family mechanic asap lol.

Im assuming this guy has been ripping off his family for 20 years now.

Does anyone else any bad mechanic stories to tell?
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Welcome to South Florida. There's a sucker born every day lol.
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I'm sure this goes on in other areas besides South Florida..
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I have a cousin who took his car (5th gen Honda Accord) to a local shop where we live. He took it in cause one of his rear camber arm was messed up and needed to replace it and he also wanted an alignment done. They were busy that day so he left it overnight at their shop.

Now, my cousin loves cars and he's an enthusiast. We've been talking about cars since we were little kids. He takes care of his car and his family's cars, just like any one of us would. So, he goes and picks up his car and does a visual inspection. Upon inspection, he notices a dent, but it's not just a dime size dent, it's about the size of a foot. It looked like someone kicked in his driver side quarter panel.

He brings it up with the owners of the shop and they said that the dent was already there when he brought in. He asked if they had any documentation whatsoever. The shop didn't document anything. So this now becomes a he said, she said situation. They go at it for a bit and get no where so they leave, leaving the car there.

Fast forward. It's been about a week or two and they finally come to a conclusion/agreement. They would split the bill between them for the body work and paint. The bill wasn't that much considering it was the quarter panel but the shop that did the body work did a good job.

In the end, it sucked that they had to split the bill for the body work but at least my cousin got his car back and I'm pretty sure he won't be bringing any of his car(s) back to that shop. So if you leave your car(s) overnight at a shop, make sure the shop documents the condition of the car, interior and exterior wise. And if you work at a shop and a customer leaves their car(s) overnight, document their cars.
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OK Heres one:

Moms 02 CRV was damaged as someone jammed a screwdriver in the cylinder look in the door handle.. Some guy recommended the "Former Honda Mechanic" to which she just had to buy a new handle and cylinder.
So I find one on ebay and a few weeks later he fixes it. Everything works fine except for 1 thing.. When you shut the door, you can hear something loose inside that makes a thud. Also, I went to put the key in the lock to unlock the door and the cylinder just pushes into the door and falls to the bottom of the door. I see the guy and thank him for doing the work but I tell him about the noise and the lock. He said " ill come by soon and take a look"

So one day he shows up, i let him do his thing. He brings me the cylinder and says " this is broken and youll have to order another one" I said, I just ordered this one, Why do I need to order another one?

Moving right along.. Now the whole window is off track, and if you slam the door there must be a short of some sort as the door locks dont work with fob and AC quits working..

So, Now I have to go behind this dood and fix what the "Former Honda Mechanic" fuct up!

Scenario #2

Took my moms CRV to the stealership for airbag recalls. The service advisor said it should only take 30 mins or so..

I was like Kool. no problem.

75 mins later he comes back and shows me some inspection under the hood. Vtec seal leaking, oil pump leaking, this and that.. like 8 different things. I knew about some seepage as the CRV has 180K on it and she has had some maintenance done along its journey. I did the last tune up and bought her new tires, and brought it for alignment, I knew it had some leaks, but nothing major. Just some seepage.

But what Im pissed about is They were only supposed to fix the airbag in the steering wheel. Why are they looking under the hood wasting my time. They offered to fix the leaks not realizing i could do it myself. I didnt even go as far to ask how much, i just signed for the airbag and went on about my way.

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