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UK Access Brochure
Old Honda Access Brochure from UK. I thought some of the stuff here was pretty cool so I thought I'd share. Smile

[Image: XE27y8L.jpg]

[Image: BA8Nimp.jpg]

[Image: 8Tnlo0Q.jpg]

[Image: Orqd83s.jpg]

[Image: uAh1xAb.jpg]

[Image: 5Xa9GKv.jpg]

[Image: 56cYlNr.jpg]

[Image: xugxF80.jpg]

[Image: SlhctIR.jpg]

[Image: r2LOdSl.jpg]

[Image: pcHFKJh.jpg]

[Image: Vm4eb05.jpg]

[Image: yWALlow.jpg]

[Image: ndTgOFh.jpg]

[Image: UFtLC6J.jpg]

[Image: NgEjS3K.jpg]

[Image: 686G3kA.jpg]

[Image: xt3frWu.jpg]

[Image: jGx1UWE.jpg]

[Image: XiEl2hD.jpg]

[Image: SS8fscl.jpg]

[Image: R68mtY5.jpg]

[Image: zCWzUtO.jpg]

[Image: LQdZPyW.jpg]

[Image: 8gizZcI.jpg]

[Image: 4ZgpR5c.jpg]

[Image: EM4WPCJ.jpg]

[Image: k6BxTzZ.jpg]

[Image: 7e2AmKh.jpg]

[Image: nV1AFxI.jpg]

[Image: 4ALUWND.jpg]
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
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I've been wanting that damn rear sun shade since I got my car. That emergency key is pretty cool. I had never heard of the "orderly" either.
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hmm alot of cool aftermarket stuff!
Yeah that rear window shade is pretty sweet.
[Image: 36362342012_1d0dc66730.jpg]
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This is awesome. Thank you for sharing.
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First off, can you imagine a time where these cars were brand new, and people wanted to pay $13K+ for them in stock condition!?

Even better, imagine being the guys who was like "Yeah... I'll take ALL of those options"!?

I wonder what some of those things would go for in an enthusiast/collector market.
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