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brake lines and clutch lines wire tuck
[attachment=3805][attachment=3805]hey I got a 94 eg hatch im currently doing a wire tuck the best I can removed dash and etc soo im wondering does anybody have any specific hoses or etc to extend my lines inside the firewall, It would be all for brake lines and the clutch lines really need to know I don't want the fluids to ruin the lines I add thanks for the help looking to do something like the picture

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Soon It Will Be Made...[/font]
Good work so far. If I had another car I'd be doing this too.
[Image: 69zt.png]
haha noo that's what im planning that's a google pic just need to know what hoses or lines I should use to extend them into the bay
Soon It Will Be Made...[/font]
Oh I'm not sure, I think either chasebays or Rywire has an online fuel line tuck on their sites.
[Image: 69zt.png]

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