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They say "It's just a car".
There is one thing that I can't stand. You're with some friends and you go to your favorite hangout or to the movies. When you arrive at the destination, they slam your door shut or let the door grind the curb or tap the car beside you. You look at them and all they can say is "Calm down, it's just a car".

To a lot of us, these are not just cars. They no longer are just a form of transportation, or a piece of machinery, but they become something more symbolic and sentimental to you. They almost become a new best friend or a family member.

To me, my car is a priceless. Even though I've only had it for 3-4 years, I've still created memories that I will never forget. It was my first big purchase that I made. Once the title was signed, I felt like I actually grew up. This was mine, and I had no help in earning this. I also proposed to my fiancé in this car. It was suppose to be a warm day, but instead was a blistering hot day, and wearing dressy clothes was not the greatest idea, so I did it in my car with the A/C on. Her mouth dropped and she said yes. This car has also been my shoulder to cry on. I've lost a few jobs (unfairly terminated), and the embarrassment and frustration was so bad sometimes, that I would sit in my car for hours and just think. Sure, my Civic can't talk back to me, but it was definitely there for me.

I could never sell this car, and if it ever got stolen, I would do anything to get it back. It's my hard earned investment that reflects the very person I am. That's why it's not "just a car".


If you feel the same about your car, please share!
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I fell you i also have that conection with all my cars this is my first civic but i can already feel we are gonna have memorys..
I now understand why my aunt cried when she sold her truck. People do form emotional attachments to their cars.
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I know that one of the stupidest things is to become emotionally attached to a vehicle but hey, whatever, it's my passion. One of my biggest pet peeves is when my girlfriend sits on my bonnet or on the trunk lid and I have to tell her 4 times to get off. She then proceeds to exclaim "It's just a car!"... Regardless, don't sit on the car.
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Wax it real good! She'll just slide right off!
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I feel your pain I had to replace my passenger side door panel (that was mint when I got the car). All because people would be so rough with it and its very fragile in our ej's.
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these people dont think..

When they damage the car, and they have to pay for the repairs, then they might get some respect fpr other peoples property.

The ding doctor costs at least 75 bucks to come out and take a look.

Like I told people. Im trying to get this car in better condition, not worse. Quit being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

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