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surveillance and dash cameras advice
hello, my question are do any members have surveillance cameras looking at their car in their driveways? and if so what kind of camera and how do you like the idea of it? im looking for something hq enough to read a license plate from like 50ft or so.

im looking into a camera for a dashcam also and like a police stop recorder. so pretty much a pivot-able dashcam. any one with experience on dashcams in their civics?

thank you
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i dont have any car buddies, none of my friends have a car. this is my only car talk spot.
Ditto that, I've been wanting to do this for some time. I just havn't got around to actually researching and doing it.
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Check out, they have fairly comprehensive reviews on all kinds of cams. I'm looking to purchase my own in a few weeks, had too many close calls with idiots in Denver in the last month.
In regards to a camera with enough clarity to read a license plate, you will have to look into something very high end (5+Megapixel ) as well as flood the target area with enough IR so the camera can provide enough clarity. You also will need a VMC player to manipulate the video as well.

For legal purposes the video will have to record in at least 22 FPS and watermarked to even be presented in court as evidence. At the end of the day you would of spent more than your Civic is worth.
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I just got this last week from my grandparents. My GoPro was stolen a bit ago and they knew I wanted a camera so they got me this for $70. I am impressed with the quality and clarity. You can set it to turn and and start recording when you start your car too, and it automatically shuts off when you park it (must be plugged into lighter/usb).
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