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My te75 project
Hello all, it's been a very long time since I've been here. Been real busy with work, cars, and life itself lol. I still have my 91 si and earlier this year I was scrolling thru craigslist as I do everyday just to look and I found a 1982 corolla sr5 with 120k . When I was a kid my dad had a 1977 corolla sr5 lift back so when I saw this gem I had to have it. Long story short I bought it from a guy who got it in a trade. The guy he traded with bought it from the original owner with I believe a little over 115k on it. The car sat for 16 or so years under a tree at the original owners house in Mississippi because he got it for his daughter and she had an accident in it which damaged the rear quater panel. He had someone repair it as you'll be able to see in the pics but she didn't like the way it looked so it sat under a tree for almost two decades lol. The 2nd owner paid a couple hundred for it, bought a battery, poured some gas in the carb and drove it home to Tennessee lol. I must say he was brave driving on 31 year old tires and belts lol. Anyways I bought it with a busted up weber carb which was nice going, but when I come to a stop it would die because of a bad or wrong sized jet. Had to drive 3hrs to get it home like that. I bought a brand new weber for it and it purrs like a kitten. No leaks, or smoke. I love this car, with the low mikes I feel like I have a new corolla, or I'm living in the 80's lol. Only thing left to do is suspension, body/paint, and interior work ( front seats and dash).
[Image: imagejpg1_zps57f2243d.jpg]
[Image: imagejpg6_zps1ef72df4.jpg][Image: imagejpg2_zps4fa1d341.jpg]
[Image: imagejpg8_zps44b58c70.jpg]
[Image: imagejpg7_zpsf5777580.jpg]
[Image: imagejpg11_zpse6509d1c.jpg]

After I painted the wheels and bought new rings
[Image: imagejpg13_zps79422789.jpg]
[Image: imagejpg12_zps26601c66.jpg]

I love the green glow of the 80's [Image: imagejpg1_zpsa1c731ea.jpg]

I'll try to be more active, I have another rescue project to introduce later. A 1990 civic lx I'm working on.
[Image: ed68l.jpg]
Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing these restores. Big Grin
[Image: pzLfBoW.jpg]
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Duuuuude you've been gone for so long lol. Welcome back. Nice pick up!
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Thanks guys, yea I've disappeared from social media for awhile, havent even had a Facebook for couple years now lol. I'm going to check in more and keep up with updates. May even make a couple build threads
[Image: ed68l.jpg]
welcome back! love the shift boot/knob on the Corolla Smile
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4 Doors FTW

Thanks Dave! I love the shift boot to, the gear shift knob had to grow on me lol. I loved the wood grain look but I had to get used to how big it was. I had no choice but to learn to love it because it's super glued to the shift lever lol. I'd love to get a nice wood grain steering wheel with a matching shift knob but I'd have to find a lever for a te corolla. I'm guessing an ae86 would work to. Some parts are interchangeable between the two.
[Image: ed68l.jpg]
threads like this make my pants a wee bit tighter Smile
Looks good brotha!
Look at that bathtub in the dash! I love this era of Jap cars...

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