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What I've been up to while I've been away...
What's up guys? I've been away for a while. Got a new job and I've been traveling a lot with the job. Haven't really had any time at all to stop and get on here and see what everybody has been up too. I ran off and got some new rides. I figured I would share them with you. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.

02 WRX

Quick list of mods:

~Vf39 turbo upgrade
~TurboX intercooler
~HKS blow off valve
~Cobb turbo heat shield
~Catless up pipe
~Turbo back Apexi exhaust
~1-4 RA gearing & stock 5th for gas mileage
~Stage 2 ACT clutch and pressure plate
~04 STI rims
~04 STI hood scoop
~Pioneer touchscreen CD/DVD player
~Injien cold air intake
~Blackworks racing radiator
~Samco radiator hoses
~Tein lowering springs

I use it for work. I can load my tools and suitcases in it and hit the road. Lol. It's fun as hell to drive. I need to get a better tune because it's running real rich.

[Image: 7e823007dae7f2517d062346ab65df81.jpg]
[Image: 611dc0f641de25a51a092f6b59c90bb1.jpg]
[Image: 1f478a6fde748e6cca2ea9b2fa0052d6.jpg]
[Image: 69a898d8fcadb7ae875a32ca1f0f63c6.jpg]

00 S-10 Blazer

Quick list of mods:

~LQ4 6.0l engine
~forged pistons
~forged rods
~Texas speed hardened pushrods
~precision race duel valve springs with titanium retainers
~ls7 lifters
~Texas speed rocker arms
~aeromotive 340 steath fuel pump
~Holden 55# injectors
~holley efi high rise 102mm intake
~ptm 102mm throttle body
~MS4 cam
~317 heads
~holley efi fuel rails
~msd spark plug wires
~headman headers
~moroso catch can
~arp head bolts
~duel electric fans
~external trans cooler with electric fan
~hooker mufflers
~H pipe
~b&m pro ratchet shifter
~yank 3800 stall converter
~built 4l60e transmission
~ford 8.8 rear end
~race star industries rims
~Auto meter 5" tach with shift light

Ran a 10.9 with a 150 shot a mild cam, stock intake, and stock throttle body. Haven't ran it with new cam, intake, & throttle body. I need to get it tuned and ready for next season.

[Image: ebf1b6eed63f0751170f134250367126.jpg]
[Image: 5eda1c1ad60ea1e3dcec8185f32b7c1e.jpg]
[Image: d3939fc3d8915acf06db980610724e81.jpg]
[Image: 8ed1f4b82cda507185431f3616a4997c.jpg]
[Image: 605a7c29cd6cfceaa2675d30d0be631d.jpg]
[Image: d720656f4c77f05019e15529eb373e35.jpg]
[Image: 169a76aa72371586d4ad9ceedf8dcf19.jpg]

Thanks for looking!!
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Sick shot of the blazer wheelie man an always loved subi hatches. Great shots though man an good looking cars
Thanks. There was a photographer there taking pics of all the cars. I took it off her website. Lol.
Ain't no squad like the EJ8 SQUAD..
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How much did the LQ4 swap end up costing?! Do want. Slick Scoobie too.
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The LQ4 only cost about a grand. I've got roughly another 4k in it and the trans cost me about $2,800 with the torque converter.

Lol. I only paid 4k for the Subie. I had to rebuild the trans but I did that myself and it only cost about $200 for the parts.
Ain't no squad like the EJ8 SQUAD..
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Nice rides, that was a good deal on the wrx since you fixed it yourself. I've ran across some deals like that on subies, but all had body damage or looked like he let buddies take what they wanted then put it up for sale
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