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Site News: It's time to stop the decline
Flashback ROTM sounds interesting for sure. I think the correct approach is to just keep trying to drive traffic to the site. I know in the last few days I've seen a few new member posts on the Facebook Page and attempts to drive them towards the site.

Idea: I've noticed on the EJ8Squad IG that you're featuring different member's rides. Why not make a thread on here asking for photo submissions available for posting on IG? Additionally, maybe feature the same car on IG on the FB Page. Not sure if you're already doing that, but I don't think I've caught it if you were doing that.

That way in the meantime that new members get enough posts to reach the minimums needed for ROTM, they can still be part of the Community.

I'm just spitballin' here. As I get an idea, I'm going to throw it up here.
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I have nothing to contribute to this but I just want to say that out of all of the forums I've been on, ej8squad is always going to be #1 in my book. I wish it was like back in the day and I have faith in it being like it used to be.
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I'm the same as Eddie, I know I can't really comment in this much due to the lack of being on here as much as I used to be. I stay logged on in my phone so I constantly look on here but I don't post and the biggest reason is I feel is sometimes it's hard to when I see the same threads constantly on here and nothing really new at times as we'll as some of the new members do an intro and never really post again minus a few I've noticed which is great. I also agree with the Daniel about not visiting other social sites or forums anymore. This will always be my number 1 site to be apart amd active on. I've gained tons of friends and talk to most of them still outside of the site and not many other forums I feel is as welcoming as we are.

I don't really think social media plays that big of a part in the site declining because it's our choice to stay on and be active or not. Some choices vary so don't take that the wrong way in that sense. I personally think with some people it's about the growing up and moving or so "getting out the game" as some would say.

I would like to say we are the most welcoming group on the internet and that we do all get along and are a family not a clique of og vs noobs but sometimes I was able to see that in certain thread like when certain times and I'm guilty of it as we'll by saying man the sites not like it used to be or nice to see some ogs coming back. Now I know it can be taken the wrong way at times but to new people coming in it can be like damn how am I gonna be compete with that if that makes any sense.

I have faith it'll get back way it was though. Shout box, rotm , threads , etc will all be like it used to be as long as we all make forth in effort to make that happen by supporting it on other sites or telling a friend. Educating about our year of cars and just overall having fun with it all. Be the group we want it to be whether it was like it used to be or the future of how it can be. It's just up to us and future members to set that bar
I just think this website needs alittle more Eye-CAndy, alittle more activities = more fun

IDK just my opinion....

but the best i can do is advertice ej8 squad.... posting pics on social media, hashtaging, linking ,... etc......

i wish i could come up with some more ideas[/b] guys
Hey look an OG lurker Welcome

Think about the math here though in terms of ACTIVE forum members versus lurkers. As a Subaru guy, I am on NASIOC all the time. There are 391,477 members, but only 45,373 of those members have been active in the last three months. That's only 11.5% for a forum that engulfs all Subaru models and is considered one of the most active car forums in the US. How do the ratios compare with EJ8squad?

I sense part of this is also a cultural shift over the last five years or so. I agree that EJ8squad always felt like more of a tight-knit community. I made some good friends over the years, but I eventually walked away from the community mainly because some of the newer crowd in the region of the country I live in is simply.. well.. can't put it nicely... brash. I grew up in the PNW where Honda/Acuras was a cultural thing. Here in the MD/DC/VA area, the majority of Honda/Acura people are just looking for cheap speed. The amount of street racing that occurs in Virginia translated to me getting profiled constantly even though I drove a very tame CTR style EJ8 on LS meshies. I didn't like it, I sold the EJ8 and changed platforms. ------- Maybe this also translates into the age gap thing others have mentioned on here, but I'm not sure.
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i have been here off and on for a long time but in the last few years things havent been going my way. with the lack of interwebs at home and an EJ8 that hasnt been touched since the motor blew up after it got water locked i didnt have anything really car related to update. now that ive ordered my motor i can start doing some actual updates which makes me feel like im contributing to the site on top of having actual internet to do the updates.
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This decline blows.

Also, gimmezell...

I am a member of another forum where the first thing you had to do to get access to 90% of their material was to sign up! It was an official thread where you introduced yourself, you didn't have to know anything, just had to sign up which was mandatory so that you and the mods acknowledge your presence.

Maybe not make it mandatory or something, but for the past week I've been trolling / lurking and noticed we constantly have over 100 guests lurking.. maybe make a link at the top telling people to register so their problems are solved easier? They lurk because they're afraid they might get shut out (which is what happened to me for the first year or two) .. because their car might not be good enough, maybe they are asking old questions (ANNNOYING lol) but at least it would bring in more people and get rid of these lurkers so that we have a great community once again.

This site has been my first forum, and without it I probably would've never found out so much about the EJ8 chassis!
He has a valid point.
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I haven't been on here for a while either and just recently starting to come back and check posts and what not every day now. I think an important aspect of any tight-knit group is knowing each other personally. That's probably only possible if people attended meets like HondaDay or WeakFest or even a Squad meet-up, if enough people are planning to come. I've never been to any Honda meets yet but I'll try to plan for next years if work allows. I think if squaders actually know each other it would help liven up the forum. Obviously this is harder to achieve since we're all over the world but thought I'd toss it in Smile
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