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Little Throwback (sorry it's not Thursday)
Originally I wanted to do this exactly one year from when the original photo was taken but the location was occupied and getting the right sunlight was difficult enough.

EJ6 shots were taken 4 years ago

[Image: 29198_1431035970138_1334617_n.jpg?oh=114...e=545C7A91]

[Image: 10494441_10203524582769427_3881245749099519641_o.jpg]

[Image: 29198_1431036010139_5397964_n.jpg]

[Image: 10517924_10203524584689475_8419902477865412539_o.jpg]

[Image: 29198_1431036090141_8241481_n.jpg?oh=c4c...2b8051aa42]

[Image: 10507097_10203524581969407_6024262766206164423_o.jpg]

[Image: 580985_4331843088503_872257326_n.jpg]

[Image: 4_zps45ffdf74.jpg]

And for anyone wondering where the civic is now. Here's what the current owner has done to it. You can find it cruising around somewhere in Illinois.

-Added a bit more bolt on's
-CTR 5 Lug Conversion
-CTR Recaro Front/Back seats
-CTR Cluster
-ITR Wheels

[Image: securedownload_zpsa3b142c0.jpeg]

[Image: securedownload-1_zpsf46e14d4.jpeg]
I always loved your hatch, though I always wondered why you never paint matched the skirts to flow with the si lip. S2k is looking good, love the hardtop.
[Image: sig6.jpg~original]
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After the swap I was going to match them and get real wheels. Had I known I would be making the amount I make now then, I would of kept the hatch. It would of been 10x better from when I sold it. Having the S makes you realize how inexpensive the civic world is. Even though I have an ej8 now, I'm not gonna bother touching that since I plan on trading/selling it for a 1st gen TSX or 2nd gen CRV. Something both the wife and I can drive. I'm hoping to go a little further with the S2000 next year. My plans for the next few years are as follow:

2015 SOS Stage 1 Supercharger kit
2016 Volk CE28 & BC N+ Coilovers
2017 Convert 2 stock or trade/cash for an NSX.

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