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August ROTM
Voting Process:
- I will make a new poll in the "Ride of the Month" forum where all registered members with 50+ posts will be allowed to vote.

- The poll will be left open until the 29th/30th(depending on the month) of the month. It will be closed after this date.
- In order to cast a vote you must have a minimum of 50 posts.
- The poll will include a picture and mods list of the nominee's vehicle.
- Do not post who you voted for.
- Just like the nomination process, in the voting you may NOT vote for yourself.
- Campaigning is NOT allowed anywhere on the board during the voting process, BUT you can put a link on your signature.
- The winner of ROTM will be awarded the "Ride of the Month" title for the following month along with a banner on top of the site.

Award Process:
- The Winner will also have their car appear on the EJ8Squad Banner for that Month.
- If there is only one valid nomination, then there will not be a voting stage and the nominee will be titled "Ride of the Month".
- You will also be given the sweet Orange color on your s/n to alert others of your recognition.

Failure to follow these rules will result in the removal of the nominated car from the competition and there are NO exceptions. "I didn't know that" is not an acceptable excuse! That's why we made these rules. If something isn't clear, please ask an Administrator or Moderator and we would be glad to assist!


[Image: 10385072414_bfca836ee1_h.jpg]
[Image: 10384904765_5ac17ec8a8_h.jpg]

96 EJ8

Under the Hood

-B16A SiR2 OBD1 Engine Swap, Chipped P28 ECU
-Innovative Billet Motor Mounts
-DIY Semi-Flat Black Valve Cover
-OBD2 to OBD1 Conversion Harness
-CTR Intake & Exhaust Cams
-Spoon Replica 4-2-1 Headers wrapped in Black Exhaust Wrap
-Custom Cat-back Exhaust (S2 piping w/ a Vibrant 1146 Streetpower Black Flat Oval Muffler)
-Yowai-SS Type WP Venturi Carbon Intake
-NGK Plugs and Wires
-Blackworks Aluminum Radiator
-PW:JDM Radiator Stay
-Custom wrapped Yowai-SS Aluminum Cooling Plate
-A/C & CC Removed
-DIY Engine Bay Washers
-PW:JDM Cup Washers
-WekSoS Hood Dampeners
-S2 Billet VTEC Solenoid
-S2 Black Edition VTEC Cover


-DIY Black Housing Headlights
-Raptor HID Kit, 35W, H4 High / Low, 8000K
-SiR Yellow Fog Lights
-99-00 Rear Bumper
-DIY Smoked 99-00 Taillights
-Big "H" Front Grille
-Mugen Replica Polyurethane Front Lip
-Hella Supertone Twin Horns
-Slick Shades Rear Window Visor
-Autozone Window Visors
-Plasti-Dipped Hood w/ Gold Metallicized Flake
-99-00 Mud Guards
-PW:JDM Red Bumper Quick Release Fasteners


-Tenzo Type R Red Seats
-EK9 CTR Red Door Panels
-Vti/SiR Gauges with LED Lights & CF Bezel
-Tenzo Short Shift
-PW:JDM Brass Knuckle Shift Knob
-Tenzo Hand Brake Handle
-DIY Red Gator Fabric Headliner and Panels
-Grip Royal "ROYAL KNIGHT" Black Leather Steering Wheel w/ "H" Horn Button
-2nd Steering Wheel - Grip Royal "ROYAL HINO" Red Leather Steering Wheel
-Momo Hub
-Broadview Mirror
-Single Din Tray


-Alpine Headunit relocated to the bottom
-Apple Ipod
-Alpine Amp
-Alpine Components Front
-Alpine Speakers Rear
-2-10" MTX Thunder Subs
-1000w Kenwood Amp
-500 Farad Cap


-Koni SP3 Adj. Shocks
-GC Coilovers
-GC Extended Top Hats Front and Rear
-BC P1 LCA's
-ASR Subframe Brace
-Tanabe Sustec 20mm Rear Sway Bar
-Blox Adj. Endlinks
-BC P1 Front & Rear Camber Kits
-S2 Front STB
-Energy Suspension Hyper Flex Master Bushing Kit

Wheels and Tires:

-15x8.5 +17 Klutch SL1 Bronze and Black wheels
-Kumho 195/45 tires
-Extended Studs +20mm
-Yonaka Gold Aluminum Lug Nuts


[Image: 5839433496_2580af55f2_z.jpg]

[Image: 6796368863_1283dd96b8_z.jpg]

jdm d15b
d16y8 intake manifold
d16y8 tranny
ngk spark plugs
Js racing intake
Blackworks Radiator
Slim Fan

Stock wheels on hub caps
Function and form type 1
5mm Wheel Spacers
blue blox lca
Polished beaks lower tie bar
OEM rear si sway bar
OEM front gsr strut bar
Homemade harness bar
skunk2 front camber
Buddy club rear camber kit

sparco racing seats
sparco harnesses
F1 spec seat rails an brackets
5 panel
Arm rest delete
Nrg quick release
Nrg short hub
Nrg Woodgrain steering wheel

OEM Si Grill
OEM Honda Fit Front lip
Oem Si front lip (spare)
10k 55w hi/lo hids
Window Visors (not installed yet


[Image: pic3_zps2eae5087.jpg]
[Image: pic8_zps77430411.jpg]

NGK spark plugs and wires
PWJDM Whale Intake
Painted Yellow Valve Cover
Yonaka Exhaust

Chargespeed Lip
Paint matched side skirts
All tint removed
Window Visors
CTR Replica gunmetal Headlights
Retrofitted Headlights
"Get Mad ILDS" license plate frame

PWJDM red stitching shift boot
Skunk2 dual bend shifter
OEM Gsr Shift knob
Broadway mirror
Pioneer deck
LED dome lights

Works VSXX - 15x7.5 +36 F, 15x8 +29 R
205/50/15 Falken Zeix 912
Function and Form Type 1 coilovers
Gsr rear sway bar
Front strut bar
Rear strut bar
Muteki purple lug nuts

[Image: de68o5.jpg]
[Image: 24uwxmd.jpg]

Under the Hood

-D16Y8 (Stock)
-Semi wire tuck


-Bike Rack
-Front Bra
-Polyurethane Front Lip
-99-00 Mud Guards


-Black leather seats from GSR Integra
-Custom Red panel inserts
-Red carpet
-Red EJ8 floor mats
-Type R shift boot
-Honda Shift knob
- Black leather steering wheel wrap


-Pioneer head unit
-All new Pioneer speakers w/ amp (for speakers)
-Kicker Subwoofer amp
-2 kicker sv10's in closed box


-Eibach pro front shocks/rear struts
-Sportline lowering springs
-Eibach rear camber kit
-Eibach sway bars


-17x7.5 +45 Raze R37's
-Silver slender lugs
[Image: sig6.jpg~original]
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Well damn I'm losing once again lmao
Happened to me for years.. i got used to it
Oh idc honestly lol I'm just Trollin to bump the thread for more votes in general lol
spoke too soon ryan. all tied up now. lol
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(07-29-2014, 06:00 PM)ohvtec Wrote:  spoke too soon ryan. all tied up now. lol

Rofl apparently so ha. It's all in good fun. Gotta do a little Trollin sometimes to get more votes in for the month( everyone) before the months up lol
Sweet! Let's keep some votes coming in!

Nice rides from all the nominees.
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OhSnaps... the man cam all the way from last to win it all. Congrats Ryan! I'll get a banner done up soon.
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Hahah sweet. I won thank ya guys lol and banner looks dope donte.

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