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Filming at Concerts?
Why do people do this? Okay, I understand filming at a concert if the band is very small for recognition and to share with friends, I get that. But I was watching a video of Mumford and Sons live in Redrock and so many people had their cellphones out filming the show. What are y'all's opinions? I personally think it's a waste of money. People say they do it to hold the memory, but leave that to the people that get paid to film it. Professionally. I believe a real memory comes from being completely and totally present in the moment and paying attention to what's in front of you on a live stage rather than through a little box. Seems so crumby to me.
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I can see taking a picture cause thats what i usually do but filming the whole thing is just nonsense
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I'll sometimes film a chorus to a song I like or something like that. A picture can't capture the live experience like a video can. In 50 years, I hope to look back on the concert I went to and have a snippet of them. That why I film, but for 30 seconds max. And not at every concert.
I record for about a minute or two if the song is good. But I don't record the whole show. But then again, I only attend EDM music festivals/concerts and those go on for hours.
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I only have for a few shows. At festivals I never record or take pics. Im always at the front of the stage or in the mosh pit having a good time.

when AFI came to Memphis in 2007, I recorded some video and took a few pics. They are one of my favorite bands and I may not get to see them again. The light show was amazing and they sounded so great I wanted to remember it all. Also, not all bands have crews filming and recording at every show, AFI being one of them. you dont hear much about a lot of bands that I like, so thats why I film sometimes.

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