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Tipping Waiters?
You might be a kool individual but theres asshole out there. And Im not taking their abuse for 8.00/hr. Im not making their drinks for 8.00/hr

Those 8.00/hr jobs are for high school kids at burger king. You want to impress that hot girl and get laid. We can help you do it as long as you tip fairly.

This VIDEO IS NFWS! If your offended by language then dont click it. Jeremy, this means you!

This one too!

So for $8 per hour, you won't deal with assholes? Is that your stance on this? You don't think the kid at Kroger bagging your groceries making $7.50 an hour doesn't deal with assholes? I'm just perplexed by the sense of entitlement. "I deal with assholes, I should make $xx." No, no you shoudn't. You should worl hard for your money. If you don't wanna deal with assholes for $8 an hour, get another job. Can't? Improve your situation i.e. education. I make $11 an hour and I deal with assholes all day long. Welcome to customer service, which is EXACTLY what serving is.
Hey your right.. for 8 bucks an hour there will be some people who will want to work for minimum wage..

Just goto your local fast food joint. these will be the people serving you. If you get bad service, they wont care. they are getting paid regardless. Ever waited 15 miutes at mcdonalds for your nasty burger?? I have. And people move slow as molasses.

Just the type of people i want to bring me my food and enhance my dining experience.
I'd say it's pretty much all been covered. I tip my waiters because most of the time they do work hard and they don't earn alot. I just feel as if they shouldn't pitch a fit when someone doesn't tip them (yes it's a bummer) because in no book does it say you're required to tip. Earlier when I mentioned them spitting in your food, I meant the next time you come back. It happens often. The only reason this is a pet peeve of mine is because alot of servers feel like everyone owes them something and that it's mandatory. And frankly I've never seen a waiter have an argument against not tipping other than "You're just an asshole". I feel as if the serving system is just off a little.
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