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Farewell fellow Ej8's
Hey everyone,

Today is the day that I say farewell to the EJ8 crew. After debating and research I decided to put my Civic up for sale.

I decided that work that is needed to make the exterior solid again is not cost effective to the value of the car. I am hoping to get atleast 3.7k but willing to go as low as 3.3k.

Now, you may be wondering, what will I be driving.... can see my new(to me) TOASTER![Image: ySYd51b.jpg]

Super excited to get a little better milage and still remain in the tuner scene. While this is by no means a fast car. The simple and tasteful mods that I can do to this ride will excite me. First to go is that wheel gap.

Thank you all so much for letting me lurk and showing me what it means to be passionate about a car and take pride in your build regardless of the situations. I will still wear my EJ8 lanyard.

With so much love,

WartsEJ8 or JJintheBox (On
We all have to move on sometime. All the OG's are getting married, having kids or just basically going out of a +14year old car.
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Love me a xB! GL in your future endeavors, we're still here if you want to kick it.
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4 Doors FTW

I would say goodbye but you'll be back. They always come back.

Shifty Eyes1

Good to see a brother moving onto other automotive venues. You're always welcome here though so please don't be a stranger. In fact it would be nice if you posted your build thread here.
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Retired: This means I am not part of; or even vaguely interested in, your scenes, fads, meets, etc.


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