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Can someone please photoshop my car with some bbs rs wheels (rebarreled)
Like the title ask if someone can photoshop some deep dish bbs rs Adams? If you can make it a bit lower too?[Image: 2B145028-02A4-40CA-AAA3-18174183E6D0.jpg]
That angle is so hard to work with bro. I tried. If you can get a side pic I will try and work with it. BUt this is the best I could do.
[Image: 10294427_632939176792688_7078395650120988527_n.jpg]
Green EJ8 "Holly": Retired 5/23/14
Black Ej7 "Gabby"

Instagram: Ej7_Bryan
I was thinking more along the lines of the deep dish ones like Adams wheels. Would this picture be better and can you make it lower also if you can make the paint on the rear quarter panel match the rest of the car? Sorry I know I'm asking a lot lol.
[Image: 4DFC5ACC-0F42-46D7-82DB-7FAC13879B41.jpg]

Thank you btw Bryan.
Take a full side profile, No angles.
I can do more if you take a side pic like this. ANgles are hard af to work with.

[Image: side2j.jpg]
Green EJ8 "Holly": Retired 5/23/14
Black Ej7 "Gabby"

Instagram: Ej7_Bryan
[Image: 447EA3A2-9854-44CF-A3E8-89146A35BA08.jpg]
How's this?
[Image: 14044261078_cfee4c6d16_o.jpg]

Tried to color match your quarter panel, but it's kind of hard for light colored cars, especially in the white to silver range.
[Image: 34070561026_c6cd5f9c03.jpg]

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