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Hoping and praying this all works out. *update 4-24-14
Right now in life these past couple of months have been rough. Had family issues that has caused me not to speak to my family in over a month. I've spoken to them about the issue but it still hasn't been fixed due to the fact they have no desire to IMO. It's caused a bunch of problems with wife and myself as well on a couple occasions due to it being apart of her. We've fixed the issue between us but my family is still an issue.

The wife now has to undergo surgery this upcoming Friday that will put her out of work for a couple of weeks if not more.

Finicial lay struggling some which will never go away lol

Now I've got DCS( department of children services) on my case along with my wife saying some things that's not true well questioning us on an issue that was refereed to them from a family friend again. I've not spoken to them in over a month so we have no idea what's going on an now causing more issue between my wife an I. The case could very well cause me to loose my son which I don't think I will due to fact nothing is true but it's still a possibility unfortunately which if wee happened I will lose my mind

I'm simply asking that you pray for us an hoping that we can get through this an patch this up with no problems. It's about to be a long road an struggle. I feel as my heart can't take anymore hurt or things go wrong because it's stressing me out to the point of being back in a stage of my life I don't want to go back too.

Thank you guys for taking your time and reading this and bless you all
Damn dude. You got my number if you want/need to talk about anything.
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You will definitely be in my prayers bro.
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You'll def be in my prayers bro. Stay strong.
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I'll keep you guys in my prayers, Ryan. God has a reason for everything, hang in there!
That He does. A lot of the times we may not see it right away and may wonder why is He allowing this circumstance to happen. If we knew everything then we would be God but we are not. Trust Him as He always knows what is best and had our backs.
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Thank you guys.
My prayers go out to you and your family. You just have to focus on one thing at a time.
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Thank you guys again. Quick update. So they've canceled her surgery for tomorrow to do more test before they do the surgery. They have found something else that requires more blood work. We're hoping and praying it's not cancer and they'll be able to remove everything with no problem. We go tomorrow for the blood work and could take up to a week at most before we know what the next step is.

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