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Whats New Everyone?
Whats up everyone, Since the forum has been so dead lately I just wanted to see how everyone is doing. What has everyone been up to ? Anything new ? Hows everyone's car been running ? Boredom kills.......

I'll start off, So my daily driver that I picked up over summer( Mercedes Clk 320) has been in the shop since December. After towing it to 3 different shops, nobody seems to be able to figure out what's wrong with it. The fuel pump seems to not be getting power although it is fine. As complicated as it sounds, basically they are trying to say that the ECU is not talking to the fuel pump causing the car to crank but not start. I'm contemplating on bringing it to a specialist, or the last resort, the stealership but haven't got a chance to yet. As a result, i've been dailying my civic (beating the crap out of it) ever since December. As a result of that, I broke my oilpan, blown an axle, and my car is leaking oil from who knows where. My front tires are shot also. I haven't washed it in months and I guess all in all I haven't been taking care of it. I've been busy with work and school so time is strictly limited. But on the bright side, I just picked up a Nardi... Possibly considering a new car over summer. Either a g37 S, Tsx Special edition 6 speed, or an AP2.
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Nothing much going on this way. My car sits in the garage torn apart due to all the different things i'm working on. Currently picked up a front SiR bumper for 20 euros from the yard and then traded my 99-00 rear bumper to a guy here for a 96-98 SiR rear bumper. Since the front i got for so cheap i decided to cut into it a fab up an air duct on the drivers side to run piping up into the custom air box i am also currently building. I'm calling it the CFMD (CarbonFiber Moby Dick) project since i'm building a cold-air ice box around my whale penis intake. While having my car up on jack stands for the winter i also noticed my axle on the drivers side was busted, so i jus order a good set from inlinefour instead of the cheap AutoZone ones i had on there for only one year. I also decided my interior need a thorough cleaning, so i took out my front and back seat. While it was out i shampoo'd my carpet, cleaned under the rear seats and also order new OEM floor mats. I took the fabric off the back seat and dyed it with Rit black dye to bring it back to life and then i jus clean the front Tenzo seat. I'm gonna start putting the interior back together this weekend since my painter is outta town for a few weeks and can't help prep n' paint my bumpers and hood. I pulled out my subs and i am currently working on replacing it with jus one sub to shave some weight in the back.

I think that covers majority of it besides the smaller things like new PWJDM weight shift knob, hood bra, slim radiator fan and shroud. I am still debating if i wanna lose of rear spoiler or not. Everyone's car looks great without it but almost everyone is taking theirs off and i don't like following a crowd, hmm who knows i might or i might not.

P.S. I just drive my wife's Pilot now since she doesn't use it.
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Ah hell all I do is work, work, and more work. 12-830 shifts suck so I'm definitely limited to time to do nothing lol. Marriage life is good. Nothin really changed since we lived together before marriage so didn't change much. My sons growing an potty training is a ish lol. Love him to death though an wouldn't change anything( obviously) lol

Cars still the same as it's been for the past three years :/. Just keeping everything maintained as far as oil, rotation, etc, etc. I need new front camber kit now though, it just started vibrating bad and come to find out my camber kits bushings are bad so causing vibration but tires are good still. I'm ready to start messing with it again though. I miss it lol need a daily though an less bills lol

Other then that life's been good. Just working like crazy as mentioned
Working a new job for the past month doing sandblasting and powder coating. Hauling parts and sand all day long lol.

Been busy working on my little bro'a 84 Sabre rebuilding it for the summer. Been powder coating everything on it at my work so that's a big plus. Hopefully I can get some parts done on my car there soon. Have lots planned for it but little time and less money. Trying to get into the railroad, if I'm fortunate enough then the car will definitely get the much needed attention.
For now just gotta play the waiting game. Taxes are coming in so that's a plus.

Edit: 2 months at the job, losing track of time lol
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I almost have 2 years with my 97 ej8 always working on it, trying to find the way how it would looks better but for now i have some problem with the fuel pressure..i think injectors, fuel pump are the problem ... My car is runni g really bad making a top speed of 150kmh
The coupe is showing it's age and the past 14 Minnesota have taken its toll in it. It's showing some rust on the bottom driver's side door as well as rust on the rear driver's side wheel well. It's kind of depressing but in the end it's just a car. The driver's side door handle decided to break off on one of the many days it was below zero out. It's also using about a quart of oil between oil changes. However, I still enjoy driving it!

Work is going good. All good things I have I give thanks to the Lord.

I'm waiting for the current slow season of EJ8squad to be over with!!
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Nice to read everyone's responses , lets keep this thread going.
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To much to write down for me but let's just say I'm stressed to the max lol
(05-08-2014, 07:15 PM)ryan Wrote:  To much to write down for me but let's just say I'm stressed to the max lol

I think I kind of know what's going on from reading your previous thread. Are things getting better ?
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On one thing it somewhat is just waiting on more test results to come back. But with my son situation I'm fighting to keep things to the way things are but his mom is trying to change things because of false accusations that she has against us. So I've got a meeting with my lawyer about it all today when his mom brought this to my attention this past week.

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