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Stock alarm/keyless entry help
So i'm trying to get my alarm in my car working. Up until earlier tonight i was under the impression that the stock alarm had been removed, as the panic button on my FOB remote doesnt do anything. I opened my door earlier while i was doing some interior work/cleaning and the alarm came on, i pressed the panic button and the alarm turned right off. I cannot get the alarm to turn on from remote, and i have no idea what i did to set it off.

Could this be a problem with the keyless entry feature? I have noticed my power locks are a bit sluggish and sometimes just dont go, ive been assuming its just because of the cold weather.

The car was stolen in 2011 Banghead and the ignition was smashed up, the only other thing i can think of is someone screwed with the wiring for the alarm in the process. Does anyone have a stock alarm wiring diagram? any help tips or advice is greatly appreciated.

My car is a 96 Ex coupe.
this has been resolved.

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