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could someone please photoshop some alloys for me
Cut and weld the OEM camber arms and have -15º camber? WTF Really??? That's every which way but safe. If that's ur cup of tea then okay but that jus sounds way to extreme. So ur trying to say that this looks good...

[Image: demon-camber-life-3.jpg]

[Image: 36362342012_1d0dc66730.jpg]
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hahahahaha thats never real is it
that actually is real, there's video of it driving like that as well as other cars w/ similarly idiotic looking setups. I'm going to turn into a dickhead for a sec and tell you not to follow the advice of the high school kid who has maybe 2 years experience behind the wheel.

1. 16s fill the wheelwell on 6th gens better than 15s. 2. yes, you can run a wider wheel on the rear if you would like, just look at Adam/Skwirt's car. please understand though that your car is front wheel drive and that running a wider wheel on the front would technically be the correct thing to do. 3. -15 camber is one of the dumbest things I can think of. -2 to -3 degrees is fine, but -15 makes absolutely no sense. Again, look at Adam's car for proof that you can be flush w/o looking like your car is broken.

You need to determine the sizing of your wheels and tires based on what YOU intend to use the vehicle for and what look you are going for.
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4 Doors FTW

Some Japanese trends are just better left in Japan.. Dodgy
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touche, it jus looks stupid.
[Image: 36362342012_1d0dc66730.jpg]
••••Bags are for the weak, drive it how you park it!! "Static All Day", it's a lifestyle!••••
That's a different car. I wanted super wide wheels with stretched tires with a ton of camber. I like it. And that's what matters. It's not like I would daily the F'ing thing.
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This thread delivers Rofl
It's gotten completely off topic but Popcorn

Might have to leave it open and rename for future reference.
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It should be renamed "The Official Joke Thread" or the " What not to do to your car thread" Banghead
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