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Good, and affordable name brand T3 turbo suggestions.
Do your homework.

You buy crap you buy twice

Me my self iv always gone garret and a hybrid at that

My reason

Garret have over 60% of the market
Speaks for it's self don't you think yes they can be a bit pricy but it's the same in everything
You get what you pay for.
I have done my homework. Nothing I have gotten so far has been junk. All top brands like comp cams, Aem, skunk2, arp, password jdm, Vis, etc... I didn't buy any junk parts for her

I was going to go with the turbonetics turbo tho I've done a lot of research and for the power band and hp goals I have I agree with dude the turbonetics turbo is better in this application
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First off I wasn't saying you was buying junk

I was saying that for the turbo there is a lot of turbos on the market that for the price
And don't really do what they say

As for turbotec use garret parts for there turbo's

It's a great build and can't wait to see it all done :-)
Exactly and thanks man. I picked up a 2.5" intercooler and piping today so I might end up just buying the turbo separately and use my greddy cast iron exhaust manifold
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