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First hand gun recommendation: Update pg 4 Glock 4 purchased
Well, you can buy my recommendation new for 400 and leave 100 for ammo, clips, laser, etc.

my point is buy new or used for 400? new with warranty too
Side note, but does anyone else feel you look like this when at the gun range?

[Image: RamboPic_zps27995e30.jpg]

im usually reloading the clip and dont have time to think of other things when my thumbs are sore.
Mag loader brah! Keeps the thumbs from being sore.
Jeremy, Get one of those ^^ when you goto the range.

reloading sucks
My duty pistol is an M&P40. I shoot very well with it (like most others) but I cannot stand the trigger like some of you said. I'm partial to 1911s, but .45acp gets quite expensive.
I'd personally go with a Glock 19 (9mm) as it is small, light, and they don't let you down. I'm personally not a fan of Glock and never have been but I own a G23 and I love it.
You can find a Glock 19 from 4-500ish depending on if it's used, and what generation it is.

Lets also get something straight here, a common known mistake:

[Image: magazine-clip-LABELED-800.jpg]
[Image: mag-vs.-clip.jpg]
Don't tread on me.

[Image: a3fcb082-80b7-445b-962e-e7b11f4ef70c_zps79394299.jpg]
Yesterday, Elijah and I went to a gun range. My main reason to go was to ask questions and what not. However, I wanted to rent a gun a shoot. Prior to going to the range, Elijah and had lunch and I told him I wanted to go to the gun range. Obviously, he was excited and wanted to know if he could shoot. I told him the minimum age to shoot was 10yrs old. He will be 10 in July. I asked him if he wanted to be 10 for today? He said "yes" of course. I was doubting I should lie but I said he can be 10 today.

We get to the range and they ask how old he was, I said 10. They give us the waivers to read and sign. They asked Elijah how old he was and he said 10. Elijah, asks me what is he filling out? At this point my conscious is getting to me as well as Elijah's. Elijah became upset and was was worried that because we are lying if the cops are going to come to our house, arrest him, and put him in jail. At this point, I feel horrible and apologized to Elijah for making him lie. We came clean with the owner and assured Elijah he can shoot.

I rented a small Smith and Wesson .22 pistol and an XDS 9MM. Elijah shot both and had a blast. Two boxes of .22 and two boxes of 9mm ammo later we were about to leave when some asked we wanted to fire an AR! I shot 5 rounds and Elijah shot a a magazine and a half.

I'll post up some videos of Elijah shooting.

The best part of the day was that Elijah wanted to be honest about his age.
Romans 3:23
English Standard Version (ESV)

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,
How'd you like the xds? I shot that an xdm before I owned any firearms, I now own 5 and counting lol. I wasn't personally impressed by either of them.
Don't tread on me.

[Image: a3fcb082-80b7-445b-962e-e7b11f4ef70c_zps79394299.jpg]
(01-19-2014, 01:29 PM)sictransitjosh Wrote:  Lets also get something straight here, a common known mistake:

[Image: magazine-clip-LABELED-800.jpg]
[Image: mag-vs.-clip.jpg]

Thank you. This drives me crazy when people say clip.

Jeremy, it sounds like you will end up with an AR if you aren't careful lol. That's great that your son was honest about his age and still got to shoot.
WTF do I know about mags or clips. Im not a gun person.

I cant remember the last time ive held either in my hand and probably wont hold either anytime soon.

according to the state of florida, im not allowed to own any firearms or else i would know the difference between mags and clips

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