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Whats a reliable alarm? Python, Clifford or viper?
They are all made by the same company. So the inner working will all be about the same. Check out the features of each one and see which ones you like. The most popular is Viper, but it all comes down to what features, add ons, etc., you want for your alarm.
and pick one that can add more sensors.

and better shock then what comes in the box.

2 way and/or gps should be considered.

If youve already got alot of cash onyour ride, then proper protection will help you keep it
Compustar MobileDrone. Best $2,000 I've ever spent. Except that one time in Canada I suppose...
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at least it was memorable!

I have installed them all. I was a professional installer for 8 years and I would say compustar.
Also don't forget that any alarm will only be as good as the installation.
Don't forget a backup battery with an interior siren to make their ears bleed if they do get in. Big Grin
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I have the Viper 3305v with Smartstart module, together there only $300 and I can track my car with my Android phone from anywhere in the world as well as read all trouble codes, arm/disarm and start from anywhere, a amazing system

An alarm that doesn't have at least 2 way is not worth buying, your car alarm is like the old saying, "if a tree falls in a forest....." so if your not close enough to hear it or they cut the siren first you will still be alerted
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