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Best Placement for 2 15' subwoofers?
Yea not good to mount to the back for sure. Tops not as bad but a solid surface is best. I have done anything from 1 8" 2 15" to 4 12" subs with 2 2000w rms amps. Depends what you want.
(12-30-2013, 12:48 PM)Excalibur35 Wrote:  On my lunch break, I'm gonna do a test. I'll report back on my results regarding this vibration issue.

ever get to do this?
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^wondering the same. Bump
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Oh yeah, whoops forget to post.

Turned up my bass, turned on Lil Wayne "A Milli". Put my hand on the box. Pretty good vibrations on top. Put my hand on the seat where my amp is mounted. Less vibrations. So, stands to reason, an amp see's less wear and tear on the back of the seat as opposed to the top of the box. Not exactly scientific, but hey, try it and see what you say.
(01-11-2014, 02:42 PM)Excalibur35 Wrote:  Turned up my bass, turned on Lil Wayne "A Milli". Put my hand on the box.

This is my bass test every time I set up a new headunits and have to set the eq to my likings. Rofl
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Lol, great minds think alike.

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