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RE audio or rockford fosgate?
The RE audios are a little bit cheaper but have more rms than the rockford fosgate my set up is going to be 6 1/2 in the front and 6x9s in the back with the tweeters just gotta figure out what brand i want to use.
rockford fosgate
Don't worry about brand. Look at materials. Look at levels of distortion. The rms(root mean square) value is just a rating of the power they can handle so not a big issue unless your putting big power to them.
well theres quality to thats what im wondering about
boss says there speaker are 600 rms witch is bullshit hah
so witch one would be more true in quality
Keep your true RMS rating 20% to whatever is pushing them. So if your using an amp, then an RMS of the amp is what you need to match the RMS of the speakers.

I use Polk or Pioneers.

Stay away from speakers that say PEAK power 400-700W. Peak isnt what you want to look at.

I also look on amd see what i need, the shop for the lower price elsewhere. is a good place to start!
Another vote for Polks here, that's what I run. Not much for bass, but damn can they throw out some proper piano notes.

Focals are good too, great all around sound if you're not looking at a subwoofer. RF was the cut back in the day for amps, never heard much else from them otherwise though. Never even heard of RE Audio.
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I have been doing car audio installs for over 10 years and still love Polk, diamond and Memphis just depends what your wants and needs are. Tell us more about your set up and listening preferences.
(12-18-2013, 09:34 AM)Artikgrau325is Wrote:  Never even heard of RE Audio.

i've seen people here in FL hop all over RE audio, but the only ones i see do that are the people that are all up in those bass competitions

to be honest its all up to what you prefer. i've had Almani, Swiss Audio, Polk Audio, Rockford, DB Drive (lower & upper class), etc., ..... and from what i've experienced .... its a hit or miss. i've had some expensive audio equipment for 6.5 & 6x9's to where my bill just for buying them were about $800 and have had one of the speakers go because it couldn't hold, thank goodness for the warranty. i've seen walmart boo boo brand speakers last longer than most of these name brands & sounding better too.

but like i said its all up to you !!!
I have rockford fosgate subs and i love them.
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i actually have alpine type e and alpine type s and the alpine tweeters .. theyre amazinggggg

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