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Driver Door Lock Problems (don't think actuator)
Me again. More noob questions. I did search and couldn't find an answer to my specific issue.

My drivers side door will not lock or unlock, with keyless, key, or manually flipping the lock button. When you physically press the lock button from the inside of the door, it does not want to move. It is stuck in the "open" position. It moves slightly, but will not fully move and trigger the locking mechanism. I've also tried using my key physically in the outside handle. It does not want to budge, same as the lock button on the inside of the door.

Keyless is useless. It works for the passenger door, open and close, but no reaction or sounds from the driver's door. Banghead

At first I was thinking it's my actuator, but the way the lock button is sticking has me thinking I may need to replace the whole lock assembly.
Take the door panels off. It's probably just the linkage came undone or is caught on something.
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Thanks for the advice!

I took the panel off, looked it over and reinstalled. I got the lock button to work when you physically push it, and you can key it shut from the outside. The keyless remote does not activate the lock, neither does the electric button on the door panel. Only physically pushing it or keying it will work the lock.

Is that an actuator problem? Sounds like it...
You should check the control lock module and see if you're getting power from it.
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(12-03-2013, 04:12 PM)Kallar68 Wrote:  Take the door panels off. It's probably just the linkage came undone or is caught on something.

^ This.

Had the same problem awhile ago dude, but it ended up being the metal linkages. So go over them and make sure they're all sitting properly and connected.
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If you can't physically push it down hold the door switch open like you're gonna open the door from the inside then lock it. My Hondas like that and so is my moms.
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