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Honda Euro Meet #4 ( August 17-18, Clastres's race track, France )
Hey !

here is my pictures from the Honda Euro Meet #4 on Clastres's race track in France.

Honda's owners from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Deutshland, Netherland..

Enjoy !

Parking pics, Race's pic are coming

[Image: 4038152811.jpg]

[Image: 8708931612.jpg]

[Image: 1823531713.jpg]

[Image: 1525505614.jpg]

[Image: 4603759215.jpg]

[Image: 1498028716.jpg]

[Image: 1978809717.jpg]

[Image: 4761366418.jpg]

[Image: 5720898119.jpg]

[Image: 903552110.jpg]

[Image: 156885111.jpg]

[Image: 196938112.jpg]

[Image: 276391113.jpg]

[Image: 976600114.jpg]

[Image: 809268115.jpg]

[Image: 774447116.jpg]

[Image: 737242117.jpg]

[Image: 771464118.jpg]

[Image: 712536119.jpg]

[Image: 688479120.jpg]

[Image: 178550121.jpg]

[Image: 833480122.jpg]

[Image: 277409123.jpg]

[Image: 737508124.jpg]

[Image: 142293125.jpg]

[Image: 561850126.jpg]

[Image: 930823127.jpg]

[Image: 606411128.jpg]

[Image: 931206129.jpg]

[Image: 212510130.jpg]

[Image: 443875131.jpg]

[Image: 661728132.jpg]

[Image: 390247133.jpg]

[Image: 713421134.jpg]

[Image: 867868135.jpg]

[Image: 148019136.jpg]

[Image: 369748137.jpg]

[Image: 402570138.jpg]

[Image: 363261139.jpg]

[Image: 932094140.jpg]

[Image: 582401141.jpg]

[Image: 549928142.jpg]

[Image: 284247143.jpg]

[Image: 619373144.jpg]

[Image: 377749145.jpg]

[Image: 996659146.jpg]

[Image: 675067147.jpg]

[Image: 698418148.jpg]

[Image: 474345149.jpg]

[Image: 2929136923.jpg]

[Image: 5058095624.jpg]

[Image: 2054549225.jpg]

[Image: 6667999826.jpg]

[Image: 6645372827.jpg]

[Image: 2859946928.jpg]

[Image: 910439157.jpg]

[Image: 130781158.jpg]

[Image: 356791159.jpg]

[Image: 511497160.jpg]

[Image: 490296161.jpg]

[Image: 121173162.jpg]

[Image: 319771163.jpg]

[Image: 724847164.jpg]

[Image: 393966165.jpg]

[Image: 420524166.jpg]

[Image: 332459167.jpg]

[Image: 205344168.jpg]

[Image: 664672169.jpg]

[Image: 825046170.jpg]

[Image: 183051171.jpg]

[Image: 996772172.jpg]

[Image: 755147173.jpg]

[Image: 264505174.jpg]

[Image: 568959175.jpg]

[Image: 286507177.jpg]

[Image: 761030178.jpg]

[Image: 290717179.jpg]

[Image: 538017180.jpg]

[Image: 610759181.jpg]

[Image: 646226182.jpg]

[Image: 348897183.jpg]

[Image: 830741184.jpg]

[Image: 191229185.jpg]

[Image: 839668186.jpg]

[Image: 870767187.jpg]

[Image: 215899188.jpg]

[Image: 993171189.jpg]

[Image: 708133190.jpg]

[Image: 748437191.jpg]

[Image: 902043192.jpg]

[Image: 155454193.jpg]

[Image: 282212194.jpg]

[Image: 722322195.jpg]

[Image: 678015196.jpg]

[Image: 574230197.jpg]

[Image: 364841198.jpg]

[Image: 207205199.jpg]

[Image: 3837991100.jpg]

[Image: 6295691101.jpg]

[Image: 4214281102.jpg]

[Image: 9734981103.jpg]

[Image: 8650211104.jpg]

[Image: 7047751105.jpg]

[Image: 3003931106.jpg]

[Image: 1731681107.jpg]

[Image: 5523021108.jpg]

[Image: 7841701109.jpg]

[Image: 1348511110.jpg]

[Image: 4933801111.jpg]

[Image: 6404261112.jpg]

[Image: 9522351113.jpg]

[Image: 4025421114.jpg]

[Image: 4425111115.jpg]

[Image: 6024191116.jpg]

[Image: 9222511117.jpg]

[Image: 9367721118.jpg]

[Image: 9621761119.jpg]

[Image: 5905801120.jpg]

[Image: 6035741121.jpg]

[Image: 2158841122.jpg]

[Image: 7208511123.jpg]

[Image: 9748301125.jpg]

[Image: 4600791126.jpg]

[Image: 6425141127.jpg]

[Image: 2166321129.jpg]

[Image: 8574561130.jpg]

[Image: 7639601131.jpg]

[Image: 6472081132.jpg]

[Image: 6861261133.jpg]

[Image: 7532581134.jpg]

[Image: 9002601135.jpg]

[Image: 9372911136.jpg]

[Image: 9273871137.jpg]

[Image: 7720561139.jpg]

[Image: 2706031140.jpg]

[Image: 7253951141.jpg]

[Image: 9270301142.jpg]

[Image: 9780261143.jpg]

[Image: 3082421144.jpg]

[Image: 2556221145.jpg]

[Image: 7252921146.jpg]

[Image: 4866251147.jpg]

[Image: 8813431148.jpg]

[Image: 7381651149.jpg]

[Image: 4166771150.jpg]

[Image: 3771041152.jpg]

[Image: 6235651153.jpg]

[Image: 5155991154.jpg]

[Image: 8831661155.jpg]

[Image: 5874291159.jpg]

[Image: 2840451160.jpg]

[Image: 4077871162.jpg]

[Image: 1295531163.jpg]

[Image: 1147701164.jpg]

[Image: 6918361165.jpg]

[Image: 7117431166.jpg]

[Image: 2858461167.jpg]

[Image: 1849371168.jpg]

[Image: 9607741170.jpg]

[Image: 7503171171.jpg]

[Image: 7942631172.jpg]

[Image: 5984901173.jpg]

[Image: 7522771174.jpg]

[Image: 7444241175.jpg]

[Image: 8309511176.jpg]

[Image: 9822911177.jpg]

[Image: 8325421178.jpg]

[Image: 6413941179.jpg]

[Image: 2506681180.jpg]

[Image: 9025221181.jpg]

[Image: 8605261182.jpg]

[Image: 6836081183.jpg]

[Image: 6584391184.jpg]

[Image: 5523821185.jpg]

[Image: 1345011186.jpg]

[Image: 5314881187.jpg]

[Image: 8256001188.jpg]

[Image: 1926851189.jpg]

[Image: 6493401190.jpg]

[Image: 4790281191.jpg]

[Image: 6420141192.jpg]

[Image: 2554101193.jpg]

[Image: 7210721194.jpg]

[Image: 1661091195.jpg]

[Image: 4435251196.jpg]

[Image: 7461041197.jpg]

[Image: 6398001198.jpg]

[Image: 6008841199.jpg]

[Image: 7917971200.jpg]

[Image: 1245631201.jpg]

[Image: 2830031202.jpg]

[Image: 5851791203.jpg]

[Image: 1798101204.jpg]

[Image: 5632301205.jpg]

[Image: 6275701206.jpg]

[Image: 2236011207.jpg]

[Image: 8174361208.jpg]

[Image: 1185531209.jpg]

[Image: 4907031210.jpg]

[Image: 9601881211.jpg]

[Image: 2139941212.jpg]

[Image: 2275481213.jpg]

[Image: 2562351214.jpg]

[Image: 3566051216.jpg]

[Image: 9031701217.jpg]

[Image: 5230801218.jpg]

[Image: 2353461219.jpg]

[Image: 6430381220.jpg]

[Image: 5932811221.jpg]

[Image: 8267131222.jpg]

[Image: 3314181223.jpg]

[Image: 3816691224.jpg]

[Image: 5564601225.jpg]

[Image: 3454341226.jpg]

[Image: 8103471227.jpg]

[Image: 4604591228.jpg]

[Image: 2685641229.jpg]

[Image: 2298721230.jpg]

[Image: 7086051231.jpg]

[Image: 9795581232.jpg]

[Image: 5380951233.jpg]

[Image: 4141261234.jpg]

[Image: 5141591235.jpg]

[Image: 7432841236.jpg]

[Image: 6225221237.jpg]

[Image: 2791591238.jpg]

[Image: 9398491239.jpg]

[Image: 9860771240.jpg]

[Image: 9505621241.jpg]

[Image: 8838231242.jpg]

[Image: 2349371243.jpg]

[Image: 6653501244.jpg]

[Image: 6578801245.jpg]

[Image: 2318421246.jpg]

[Image: 8739101247.jpg]

[Image: 7804371248.jpg]

[Image: 4957211249.jpg]

[Image: 5157161250.jpg]

[Image: 6223311251.jpg]

[Image: 7002801252.jpg]

[Image: 1811651253.jpg]

[Image: 6486041254.jpg]

[Image: 9254161255.jpg]

[Image: 8127891256.jpg]

[Image: 1459711257.jpg]

[Image: 9128301258.jpg]

[Image: 9160001259.jpg]

[Image: 5798161260.jpg]

[Image: 6600051261.jpg]

[Image: 5232091262.jpg]

[Image: 5686301263.jpg]

[Image: 2731571264.jpg]

[Image: 3127271265.jpg]

[Image: 1601851266.jpg]

[Image: 2365461267.jpg]

[Image: 2489061268.jpg]

[Image: 9168981269.jpg]

[Image: 8441581270.jpg]

[Image: 2844041271.jpg]

[Image: 9235061272.jpg]

[Image: 3704951274.jpg]

Honda, fiable ? :sac:
[Image: 1489881276.jpg]

[Image: 9583741279.jpg]

[Image: 4325031280.jpg]

[Image: 2644041285.jpg]

[Image: 1633251286.jpg]

[Image: 3098431287.jpg]

[Image: 7275021288.jpg]

[Image: 6104771289.jpg]

[Image: 1335631290.jpg]

[Image: 4651511291.jpg]

[Image: 9891991292.jpg]

[Image: 1373001293.jpg]

[Image: 1197021294.jpg]

[Image: 5016511295.jpg]

[Image: 3331001296.jpg]

[Image: 5493451297.jpg]

[Image: 7958121298.jpg]

[Image: 3410371299.jpg]

[Image: 2199301300.jpg]

[Image: 3875531301.jpg]

[Image: 4170341302.jpg]

[Image: 1525391303.jpg]

[Image: 9439881304.jpg]
[Image: 141160sign.jpg]
Some very nice cars!
[Image: 7576999932_bba1985476_o.jpg]
Great pictures. That push start on the steering wheel column I loved
[Image: 771464118.jpg]
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[Image: CIVIC1-1-1.jpg]
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The CGP EK looked great. I dont think Ive ever seen thay color on a hatch..

Too many cars I like and too many I dont. Looked like a great time. Thanks for posting up the pics.
Great photos, some awesome and unique rides! the mx5s are growing on me by the day!
My build thread:
EJ8 from Australia, Melbourne!
[Image: 2mpc51v.png]
great pics... if it only wasn't so far away for me. I really need to try and hit that show up before i leave Germany.

Oh by the way...
[Image: 9222511117.jpg]

That's Achille's car, he's a new guy on here from Belgium. Here's his build thread...
[Image: 36362342012_1d0dc66730.jpg]
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The more I look at that spoiler, the more I like it.
Epic meet! Great pics.
-Jay was here

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