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She said yes!
So I know it's been awhile since I had been on here with a post from time to time so some of the new people won't know me lol.

Anyways wanted to share that I proposed last night to my girl an she said yes! Smile. Just felt like sharing this lol
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I saw the change in status on FB this morning. Congrats!!!
Best of luck to you two as you start your new journey together Big Grin
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4 Doors FTW

Thank you guys Smile
good luck you crazy kids!
Congratulations lets see some pictures
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Congrats mate, happy for ya!
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Nooooo!!!! Don't do it!!!! Jk....your gonna hate it at times but work on it don't take the easy way out the big D is not the right way to fix a relationship!
Thanks guys
Congrats!!!!!!!! Big move in the right direction.
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