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post up what you're fabricating
nothing fancy like you guys. just welding a new floor in a compactor

[Image: welding.jpg]
[Image: file-4-1.jpg]1998 civic ex-t 214/192
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Making this catchcan work to my advantage:

I decided to keep the can and use it the way I need it to work.
With the back of block plugs on the Bseries tends to blow alot of oil into the can, theres nothing wrong with this oil, so a drain back is what Im looking for.

This is just one of the set backs of having a great spot to vent pressure. Most all cans dont have a drain back besides Endyne's modded Moroso can and modded OEM fittings. when your engine fills up your can, its a pain in the butt to keep emptying it. I just needed something to vent pressure and let the oil roll back into the block.

This can has a small mounting bracket which fits on firewall next to battery tray (where the old fuel filter used to be) which is perfect.

I ordered 1/2" NPT male hose fittings to go right into the bottom part of the can. I used foam as baffling towards the top of the can and left 1/3rd of the bottom part open. So when oil does blow into the can it will stay at the bottom.
The foam will let the air pass thru the foam while leaving the oil to drip down. (copper Chor-boy or steel wool will do the same) When the pressure drops off when at lower engine speeds, the oil will drip back down into the engine.

onto the pics:

Some foam media I used
[Image: be7r.jpg]

Heres it is with some room for oil to get into the can
[Image: 0p4d.jpg]

Since the 3/4 nipple fitting is 20 and filter is another 20, im leaving the top open
[Image: uyuu.jpg]

Summit sent me wrong fittings, but this is what it will look like
[Image: 7sus.jpg]

Had to make a few brackets for a safety catch last night. Not my best welds but its been about 2 years since I've done any vertical welds so I'm actually happy with them lol.

First vertical weld in years.
[Image: IMG_20130903_054451_869.jpg]

Last bracket and last cover pass. Finally getting my pattern and speed back to an acceptable level.

[Image: IMG_20130903_054757_555.jpg]
Those don't look bad at all for someone who hasn't been welding for a few years. Nice job!
Just got into welding. Hopefully I can post some stuff up soon.
Nice to see another welder! I am a Welder-Machinist in the Army. 91E can't upload pics right now. When i get back to the states I will post some pics of what I do.
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