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Wiring Question
ok well i went to attack my headunit install. i pulled the old head unit and i seen this and i almost cried. there is no more factory harness, the PO had cut and spliced and shortened mostly all wires and for some reason had an inline fuse on the power with no subs or am installed. now my question is this. would the sound have better quality if i went and got a harness and rewired it or just hard wired it in like the PO but with less added wire and cleaner?

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I doubt it. Not sure though. Mine is like that too. We heat shrinked everything and I didn't notice a difference. I did the install on my bro in laws car and with factory speakers it sounded amazing.
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DAMN! I don't even understand why someone would do that?! A harness off Amazon is less than 5 bucks minus shipping/handling, but if it were me personally, I would go to the junkyard and look for an OEM harness just so that there won't be any future problems.

The inline fuse is probably for the headunit itself. If the headunit doesn't have a fuse on it then it'll need an inline fuse. My old radio had an inline fuse and my current one has no inline fuse because the fuse is on the headunit.

As for sound quality, it depends on the headunit, speakers and how it's wired. In your case, I would check the wiring because having a cut harness, you can basically wire the all the speakers to work as front speakers or all the speakers to work as rear speakers, etc.

But all in all, I would replace the OEM harness.
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The sound quality will not change unless a bad connection or a speaker is out of phase. With that said as an installer I always put a factory harness or oem replacement in for ease of install and trouble shooting down the line. Plus it makes it look more professional. If you have questions let me know. I will gladly help.
hey thanks for the responses guys. as for the fuse the head unit i want to install has on in the back of it so im going to remove the inline fuse. i think im going to get a junkyard oem harness and cat the wires far back for i have alot to work with because the car side is a mess lol. im a little bit anal when it comes to wiring in my car. it needs to look properly like it was from the factory. if i run into any more problems ill be on here for sure lol. now i just need to find a junk yard i can pull from. what other model of civic can i pull from or are they all the same?
Harness colors are the same from 96-98 all trims and from 99-00 all trims I believe.
Since it's such a mess get your ignition wire and wire it in then wire up the HU to the battery fused and then wire in the speakers with speaker wire.
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