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life's a b!t¢h!
ok so things haven't been going so good for me here lately. I was robbed at gunpoint two weeks ago, he stole all my money, my phone (broken phone), and my grandma's keys that had my keys too! So he steals my grandma's 97 Saturn four door, we finally got it back unharmed.

so pretty much I've been in a downward spiral and since I broke my leg in a car wreck a few years back I've been hooked on pain killers... please don't judge me for it I really am a good person at heart.

so for my family's sake I've decided to go into rehab, this has to be hands down the hardest thing I've had to deal with but it's for the better I think. so please everyone keep me in your prayers I really need it right now this is a huge struggle for me and I don't know how I'm going to get through with it.
We live and we learn, that's life. Stay strong and stay focused, you can make it thru it.
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You got this big dog. Stay strong.
Thank you, that's the plan I don't want to be hooked on them anymore it's getting to be a bit much. My daughter it's the only thing that keeps me going...I love my her very much! I don't want to loose her at all, my dad ran out on me and my mom when I was born...piece of you know what!

So since I was about 8 (when my parents told me my dad wasn't really my dad). I always told myself I will never do that to mine, and now if I loose her to drugs will be horrible no completely devastating.
Be strong man do it for her and your self ill give a prayer for you
Thank you very much, I know I can do it just I have to get away from it for a while. this is what I love about this site when you've got a MAN DOWN! You can come here to get things out without getting flamed.

I'm a very good welder I just need to finish learning tig, I just need to get the root on the bottom of the pipe in position. my last job I guess I over worked myself trying to prove myself I took them even more.
Hey mate, this little saying I always repeat in my mind when I'm going through a tough time is; It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be worth it. Gotta keep pushing it out my man, tough times don't last, tough people do Smile Good luck!
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What don't kill ya only makes you stronger.

Everybody has demons chief. Some drugs, some alcohol, some sex, some God knows what. It's a part if life. But, everyone also has something to live for. Something to drive them. Something to prove. When I'm struggling, I remember that saying above. There's always something in life that tries to bring you down, but you always come out a better person because of those things. I'll say a prayer for ya my man.
well I went for my counseling yesterday and they told me to call this place today, so I did and they've already found me a place. looks like I'm going into treatment at the end of the week, it feels like the closer I get to this the harder it is for me.

it really sucks big time, but all I can think about is my daughter and how I want a better life for her. I'm just ready for this to be over!

Well as it turns out I might be going tomorrow. Things just got real... real fast!
You already know what you have to do in order to be a part of your daughters life and to watch her grow up so at this point its just a matter of taking action and putting all the bs behind you. I'm about a year and a half clean and luckily I was able to quit before anything too serious happened. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for and you have your priorities in the right place, wanting to put your family before yourself and your addiction. So you're on the right track man. Just gotta take care of business now! Good luck!

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