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Car Bogs Without Supercharger
So I had a JRSC set up on my car, but i removed this, my ecu was tuned on crome so now without this supercharger on i notice my car bogs until higher rpms... is this because the ecu is looking for the extra oxygen to burn? If i buy a stock ECU and plug it in will i be set to go???

Thanks for the answers!
Yeah most of what you said is right. But you need a stock Ecu, granted that your car is now stock.
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Okay, I just hope that they didn't do a obd1 harness since it is a p28 chipped ecu. I hope they just did the jumper. i need a p2p ecu am i correct?
if you have a d16y8 then yes. should be a harness. IDK anyone who would want to go thru swapping pins over when a harness is plug and play.

theres P2P ecu's all over the marketplace for 50 bucks..

and try to stay out of the upper RPMs until ou get the right ECU
I have got an ecu laying around. I'll pm you on it.
So what you guys are saying is all i need is a new ECU? or do i also need to buy a obd2 harness also?
You should only need an ecu. If you look at your ecu there should be a jumper harness in between your factory harness and ecu. Youll take the jumper out and plug the new ecu directly into the factory harness. Also I looked at your build and noticed your car is a 96 so that ecu I have won't work. You'll need an obd2-a p2p.
So would this one work>
^ That one will work.

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