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why can't every Honda/import forums be like ej8squad?
(08-11-2013, 08:54 PM)Excalibur35 Wrote:  
(08-11-2013, 04:20 PM)DustedGold Wrote:  you see that all over the place. some sites are filled with little kids with mommy and daddy's money building retarded expensive builds talking down to the people that cant afford legit parts so they go with replicas. or the guys that are insanely talented mechanics that flame people for asking questions that "should be common sense " YA TO A MECHANIC lol.... just find your place where you are comfortable and stay there. there are a few places that are not that bad but not model specific. im not sure if i can share them.

Very good points. But like other forums, we don't appreciate post whores Thumbup

this x2 this guy even stated in a post that he was trying to hit 50 post -.-

"man im trying to get 50 posts to see the market place without spamming lol" post whoring is spamming
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yea maybe i have a lot of posts but if you go look at them all. they are all relevant to the thread they are posted in. i have given some advice and some pointers as well as linked a few videos to help someone. im not just whoring to get my post count up. if i was then majority of the posts would be like " i agree , nice pics, nice car, good mod" but they arent. am i a little curious whats in the marketplace... yes i am. ive been looking at parts for my car all over the net, maybe someone here has something im looking for cheaper. but at the same time im not just looking to get into the marketplace and then go silent. i like this forum and i hope to be around for a while. i may not be as knowledgeable as most of you here when it comes to civics but i know a little bit of this and that so if i can share with people and help them out then so be it.

i do look forward to learning alot here as well. the civic is a new platform for me and boy do i have alot to learn.
Honestly, the marketplace on this site isn't that great. Most model specific forums its not all that.
(08-11-2013, 09:39 PM)Excalibur35 Wrote:  Honestly, the marketplace on this site isn't that great.

It is if you're looking for a clean, white coupe. Toungue
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This is by far the most friendly forum I have been on. I have never been banned from any but I have definitely been on a few that I would not post in because every post ends up getting flamed.
yeah dusted, from what I see not too much goes on there.
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when i had my accord i joined a site and posted that i had an accord and i got flamed right away. got called a paki taxi and a whole bunch of other things. so i can understand that. as for the market place what might be nothing to you guys might be something for someone just starting on this platform.
I feel ya bud. Anyway when you hit up the marketplace check out my threads lol.
Green EJ8 "Holly": Retired 5/23/14
Black Ej7 "Gabby"

Instagram: Ej7_Bryan
ok i will thank you for the invitation Smile
(06-09-2013, 09:20 PM)openshot Wrote:  i find most civic forums are full of dicks like on JDMrides my civic was fully stock i posted i wanted to lower it rims (15s) and a lip kit and i got flamed and been called a ricer an so on because i wanted to do that to my car.

jdmr is a shitshow don't take what people say on that site seriously

it mostly consists of ppl putting others down in order to feel accepted amongst their peers and some people who are just bored lol

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