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Fresh out of storage.
Its' been 8 months since my last post. Few upgrades since then, none in the power department due to saving up to move for a new house. Pretty happy with how she sits at the moment. Here's a list of changes while she was stored for winter.

5 months of no S. Sad

[Image: 9754_10204191471761235_30148254385965310...euevvd.jpg]

Meanwhile, back at the computer. I began to search and order the following:

OEM Hardtop only front latches
OEM window moldings
OEM 08-09 S2000 CR Tonneau
Seibon Carbon Fiber TF Spoiler (CR wing)
OEM 08-09 S2000 CR Trunk Reinforcement Hardware
Mugen Tempered-Glass (non-tinted) rear window (not installed yet)
Pioneer door speakers
Start button relocation (not installed yet)
Custom trunk release (not installed yet)
OEM Honda "H" badges
OEM 04+ center console leather wrap

[Image: fin1_zpssieikwsc.jpg]

[Image: fin2_zpskpn8ct2x.jpg]

[Image: fin5_zpsirtdoj2t.jpg]

[Image: tonneau1_zpsqwbmeyjh.jpg]

[Image: tonneau3_zpsthkq34lr.jpg]

[Image: tonneau_zps5zhd7thk.jpg]
Looks good!
Oooooooo I like
There's a war out for your mind...
Awesome pictures. Not sure how i feel about the emblems
[Image: sig6.jpg~original]
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Thanks, I know the emblems might not be for everyone but I think it looks nice in person. Might convert to the silver "H" when I get bored with these. I just didn't like the plain chrome "H" they originally had.
i love everythign about it! including emblems
Very clean! keep up the good work Smile Always loved the silver look on ap1s
might try and get some rolling shots.
Looking good, dig me an S Smile
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want picture of CF overlays
[Image: 84009000.jpg]
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