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Some of my latest stuff.. - lots o' pics -
was the white civic si in honda tuning?

oh by the way your car is so sick or makes me sick to my stomach lol jk but that thing is buck nasty!
I did taw a tuner mag shot, it was in the oh snaps honda tuning all motor issue. I think it had two h2b swapped crx's on the cover...SWEET!
Great pics and awesome car! Is there a link where we can read your feature?
My build thread:
EJ8 from Australia, Melbourne!
[Image: 2mpc51v.png]
Damm I haven't seen Adam post in awhile I wonder what he's been up to.
[Image: a216bb94-9ac6-4b43-a7be-ffb3e02772d0_zps4a67a22f.jpg]
Quality > Quantity
Sick pics bro, you're definitely a great photographer.
#PavementHeros #Fatlace #StanceWillMakeHerDance
Thanks for all the nice words everyone =D
[Image: 8270515370_73a493ecf6_o.jpg]

(02-04-2011, 11:47 AM)MATTCH Wrote:  Wow, putting other peoples fitment issues to shame one pic at a time. Nice.

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