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high mileage boost???
Ok year after year people ask where to start their build; well i am no different lol. Well ive spent some time looking through treads and I came to the conclusion that I want to keep the single cam and go for boost.I really just want a 300 hp daily driver that I can be proud of (built not bought)Here's my status of my car : 1998 civic EX , 100% stock , 176k miles, I replaced the standard parts for high miles (timing belt, water pump,ect) ...Now after having my car for 2 yrs and racking up miles wih mountain drives and road trips to Las Vegas I have came to the place where almost everyone hits, having a stock civic just isnt doing it for me anymore. So I want to know what i should do.

1. With the high miles should I build my motor or find another stock D with lower miles?
2. What parts should I get first to build the motor for boost?
3. What parts should I avoid cheaping out on?
4. Custom turbo setup or brand turbo kit?
Please helpGotme
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You can try doing a compression check on your motor
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First of search and read more threads. Check out some of the builds and stuff on, you will learn alot.

1. doesnt matter if its high or low miles if you are rebuilding it. (i would build a spare block on the side tho so you could avoid any extra down time)

2. for your whp range you will need to build the bottom end = rods and pistons. The cheapest setup is p2p0 rods and vitaras (the ringlands are known to take a crap on these). Arp head studs and port out the oil pump as well.

3. turbo and the TUNE!!!! a "basemap" does not count as a tune.

4. all depends on your budget
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You can use yourexisting engine after it checks out good after leakdown and compression test.

The oil pump will starve the engine if not ported (over 200hp)This DIY can be found with a search

Rods wont handle anything past 200hp.

if you want to double your power range, a simple T3 super 60 will get you there.
replace clutch, upgraded suspension, ball joints, and exhaust.

If you want 300, then a full build is in order. For me personally, I dislike the viatara builds. The compression is too low. I like to stay around the 9.5:1 area for better throttle response and gas milage (not to mention better spool up)

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