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Reasons you've been pulled over.
Ever been pulled over for no apparent reason, only to have some lame offense written on the ticket?

In Jan 3rd, 2011 I was pulled over in a Geo Prizm for "modified exhaust to amplify noise"

When I went to court I fought it with how classic car owners usually modify their exhausts to do the same thing and they don't get pulled over. Lets not forget some diesel trucks with their stacks (maybe they come stock like that... idk).

I've also been pulled over for yellow headlights. they said DOT approved but I wasn't going to deal with more cops.
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past midnight, with my girlfriend, lost and trying to get home. I was driving 5mph TOPS literally rolling looking down every street in the outskirts of what was apparently a business district and made a Uturn when i realized i missed my turn. No headlights within sight but a cop parked about a hundred yards away zoomed with his siren blaring and gave me a 250 dollar illegal U turn ticket. I was so mad.

Been pulled over for no reason bout 4 times couple times were for exhaust,tint,n no license plate in front but that's Los Angeles cops for you lol
December 23, 2008. Driving through a subdivision near my house with my girlfriend at 7 PM before going to dinner with friends looking at Christmas lights. I turned around one dead end and a cop was sitting in a driveway. Turned around the next dead end, he pulled me over. Ran up to my car, beat on my window and once I rolled the window down asked, "What the hell are you doing?" My reply? "Looking at Christmas lights, officer. What is your badge #?" At first, he said he "You don't need that information" then I mentioned the name of my cousin who, oh by the, way just so happens to be the police chief in Nashville. Only time I've ever felt like name dropping was necessary in order to right a wrong. He no longer works for the department Smile
Speeding (twice) cops let me go because i used to work at mcdonalds and they always went their for lunch haha too low and suspicious looking (miami cops are d*^&s), cut off a police officer one night after the club and he tried giving me a ticket for not having tag lights (Which I did, LED one's at that) and thats about it .. Cops really don't mess with me in my hood.
For overtaking an officer.
I got pulled over because he literally wanted to compliment me on my car, and ask what was done to it.
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doing 85 on the freeway in a 65 zone. Cop mustve had a kid who goes to my uni because he saw my fau parking decal and book bag in the passenger seat and says "late to finals?" and i say "yes sir bio principles" gets my info comes back with a written warning and says "slow down to 75 and good luck on your test".
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Not really a stupid reasons for the first one, but this was when my bimmer was straight piped. I drove by a cop and popped a huge flame in front of his car - oops! Got pulled over and warning was given. Then next day I get pulled over for my German plate Sad Popped another flame >.<
Havent been yanked in a long time (knock on wood)

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