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Reasons you've been pulled over.
(03-17-2013, 04:13 PM)Kallar68 Wrote:  only twice in my car.

1) late to work coming off the highway I merged across the slashed line part onto the perimeter road literally 20ft before the striped part was over because it was backed up and i would have had to wait 2 light sequences instead of just one. cop was at the light and saw me, pulled me over and then just told me to I did.

2) this was recently, got pulled over at night coming home from school. I was doing 65 in a 45, too dark tint, hid headlights and fogs, and I was on the phone. Got lit up, threw the phone under the passenger seat, put my hazards on and flipped my hid's off to halogens and turned off the fogs all at once and pulled over. cop comes up and says ok there are multiple things wrong with your car. walks to the front and walks back, ok only 1 thing wrong just your smoked out license plate cover, take it off. Let me I left.

pretty lucky.

How are you running HID and halogen in the same housing?! Why did I not know this was possible?! Gotme Do you have pics or a thread for that?
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It's a hi/lo bulb but instead of both being hid one is a halogen bulb. So basically I don't have high beams anymore.
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125mph in a 55.......let off with a verbal warning Smile

latest speeding ticket was 91 in a 55 (late for meeting the person who was marrying me and my wife)

^was reffered to court......judge saw my 10 other speeding tickets and wanted to give me 10 days jail 40hours community service and $500 ticket. I pled to a higher fine and it ended up being drivers improvement course and $1000 fine.
17 yrs old - Speeding 70 in 35..... 18 yrs old - Speeding 81 in a 65.... 19 yrs old ( on my birthday! ) Speeding 81 in a 60.... all resulted in speeding tickets.

Now I'm 25. I've been pulled over 4-5 times since but no tickets Big Grin
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