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Reasons you've been pulled over.
only twice in my car.

1) late to work coming off the highway I merged across the slashed line part onto the perimeter road literally 20ft before the striped part was over because it was backed up and i would have had to wait 2 light sequences instead of just one. cop was at the light and saw me, pulled me over and then just told me to I did.

2) this was recently, got pulled over at night coming home from school. I was doing 65 in a 45, too dark tint, hid headlights and fogs, and I was on the phone. Got lit up, threw the phone under the passenger seat, put my hazards on and flipped my hid's off to halogens and turned off the fogs all at once and pulled over. cop comes up and says ok there are multiple things wrong with your car. walks to the front and walks back, ok only 1 thing wrong just your smoked out license plate cover, take it off. Let me I left.

pretty lucky.
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I was pulled over a few years ago when I still had my bagged s-10. Here are the best 2.

I had shaved the tail lights and put red 10" led strips in my roll pan for tail and brake lights (perfectly legal) but I was driving with the truck pretty low and they gave me a written warning for my tail lights not being the proper distance from the ground.

I was driving in front of Sonic and there was a bunch of people hanging out up there showing off there cars and I slammed the truck to the ground scraping the frame and throwing sparks all over the place. It was at night so everybody could see it. About 2 blocks up the road was a cop sitting in the parking lot. When I passed by he was quick to be up in my ass. He gave me a $450 ticket for Destruction of Government property.
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i took my girlfriend home and they stopped me because of yellow lights -____- #heated
I got pulled over for no right turn from 3:00 Pm to 4:30 pm and a $350 ticket. They only wait at that turn at the end of the month to meet there "deadline" On tickets. The sign is literally the same size as a piece of binder paper and is hung on a light pole way high in the air. I can't think of why they wouldn't allow you to make a right turn during that time but whatever.
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been pulled over 4 times

1. improper muffler just told to change it

2. improper muffler again a month later in the same city Toronto and asked why i never changed it i said lack of work to afford to change and i still never changed it lol

3. burnt out headlight shitty HIDS

4 Blue LED lights in my grill that are allways on because i dont have running lights and they where my running lights oh well

no tickets just told to fix when can
Speeding, incorrect color rear turn signals, flipping a police officer off, "rolling" a stop sign.
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I would get pulled over on a weekly basis when I had the EJ8 from being too low,suspecting its stolen,
road side inspection you name it

now in the EL i'veo nly pulled over for exhaust and w/e ticket for something wrong ive did
Pulled over for hanging a U-turn and ripping it to get ahead of the car coming up behind me, turns out it was a cop.
Was taking some friends to a house party and before I got outside they decided to throw their empties across the street smashing glass all over the road. Pulled out 2 seconds later a cop was behind me.
Speeding to school for an exam.
Music too loud.
Some people I used to work with thought it would be funny to steal the Year sticker on my rear license plate. So it looks like my car is insured until 2010. Been pulled over 3 times for that before I got a new sticker. ( that sticker cost me 25 bucks!)
Got pulled over because my paper drive out tag was in the window not on the plate. If it's supposed to be there why isn't it waterproof a**hole
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I recently got pulled over for my tint being too dark. It's now fixed so now i don't have any problems on the road. I'm sure that will change as soon as i get my exhaust installed
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