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Sooo..... What do you guys think.
Hello, So i got my supercharger fixed as they said, but now i am wondering if they might have over tightened the pulleys, cause now once it is warmed up i get a ticking noise coming from my supercharger and i am sure its the supercharger not my motor. And i am moving to CA. In Aug. or earlier so i am debating do i take this car, like it is. or do i take the supercharger off completely since it will be illegal in CA since i don't have bill of sale. I hate CA laws, and i know so many people break them. I love my ej8 so should i put it back stock or would that cost more than just going out there buying a CA legal stock one (Rust Free) and starting over with a Edelbrock turbo B.A.R. legal setup, or possibly just get a SI that'd be cool. What do you guys suggest???
Superchargers are rather rare..

I dont see why you couldnt sell it and do the edelbrock kit..
Well how much do you think it would take (and cost) to swap over to stock manifold, ecu, etc. Before getting my turbo charger installed???
not too much and wouldnt cost too much
I'm thinking i'm going to sell my ej8 i have now and just start new out there in CA since they are so clean!!! vs this WI car. Mine has no rust but i can get alot more here than out there since all my aftermarket parts are legal here. Out there i'd have to part it out!
There are a million Civics for sale out here man you can find another ej in good condition easy. Really cheap if you can work on things yourself as well
Fo' girls chose, but I'm in a 2 seater

[Image: Mr_Xavier.jpg]
Thanks, but i decided i'm going to convert back to stock come out there and figure stuff out from there.
If I were you I'd go back to stock, just because once you go to register your car In California. They require you to do a smog test to register it and every other year. California is the worst for smog emissions. Or you can keep your car registered in the state your in and leave those plates on while your in California. Just my .2 cents, born and raised in California still here and dealing with smog every other years really sucks.

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