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Dead Forum

dude, were gettin old!
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getting old is right. I still like looking at Hondas but it's getting harder and harder for me to justify owning and building one (i.e. my CRX.) there are too many other priorities right now - mortgage and bills, maintaining and improving our house, medical bills, married life, saving for when we have a baby, trying to move up at my job, etc. I really want to add a car build to that list but it's just not in the cards right now. I'm still on here all the time because I love Hondas and want to contribute but it's not the same w/o the OGs who made this site what it is.
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For Being a new member i really liked this site being open and friendly. I'm a lurker for right now until i have saved enough money for mods and etc. School and my job take up all my time and i think that would go the same for some members too.
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(03-04-2013, 10:35 PM)dhizhere Wrote:  #imalurker

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I lurk somewhat frequently. I used to live on this forum when i owned an EJ, but when it burned up and I bought a 240 i found myself making a slow transition from The Squad to S-Chassis forums :/ I love this forum though. The regulars were always people to look up to and always offered thoughtful thorough answers. By far this is the best forum I have ever joined. Although, Zilvia can be freaking hilarious at times lol. I miss the guys/girls on here.
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I lurk quite a bit.

Not as active as I used to be.

I had to distance myself after I wrecked my EJ8 a while back.

It's like..... trying to go back to an ex's house and hang out, after she dumps you, and is sitting there with her new man.

It's just...depressing.
No more EJ8.
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When I first joined this site, it was totally alive and there was always new content to read all day every day. As I've said before, I don't know a majority of the people on here now. It looks like there are still a handful of OGs here though.

I wasn't around for a little while, my job keeps giving me opportunities so that took time getting used to.

I'm hoping activity picks up around here though. Now that I have a big chunk of change laying around, I can finally begin a proper Civic build if I want. Lack of motivation is killing me though. I don't even know if I still want to build a Civic, or ball out and nicer project going.
It can't be I joined! Honda tech and houston imports have too many people with too little time on there hands! Like one said this site is more laid back.
I lurk on here almost everyday especially with tapatalk on the iPhone.. I dont see this forum as dying down too much.. Theres always new posts and I try to learn from others everyday.. I should probably input more but im still learning and dont have to much feedback on peoples questions/concerns since im still a noob :/
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