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things are finally starting to turn around for me
Well as most of you know me(mainly the og members), I have not really been active in the past year and half on here due to personal reasons that I've had to deal with which had me hit rock bottom there for a few. For the ones that do know, I thank you guys very much for the thoughts and prayers.

My father just recently past away a little over a month ago due to cancer, It's been very rough on the my family and myself but we're slowly getting it all together. My promise to my dad before he past away was to either get a full-time job with my career, I went to school for or find a second job until i was able to get on my feet with my career. Well my prayers have been answered and I finally got a full-time job not with my career but with my current job at Kohl's.

I also have my son now every weekend after 3 hrs of mediation with the mother of my son we came to agreement that I have my son every weekend from Saturday-Tuesday which means a lot to me only downfall is paying child support but that is part of it and I already knew that.

I'm also about to start getting extra income which is going to help out a lot with paying things off and getting more on my feet. I recently inherited a house that's already paid for and 7 acres of land. The trailor will be rented out so once that get started up I will be receiving extra money.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you again to the ones that knew and kept me in my prayers and thoughts. It's still a little rough right now but things are finally starting to turn around for me which means the coupe should be getting started back on sooner then excepted once everything is settled and delt with on child support.
Glad to hear things are turning around for the better!
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Nice to see you again Ryan. Glad that sunshine is getting brighter for ya.
Glad to hear bro! Give it a few months and we can chill too =D hahah
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I'm really happy to hear you're getting to spend more time with your son, I really can't emphasize how important it is that he get to see you and know you as a young child. I can only imagine how tough it's been dealing w/ the loss of your father. The closest person to me that I've lost has been my grandparents and, as much as I love them, it's just not the same as losing a parent. Great to hear that things are finally starting to look up for you, keep your head up and maintain your positive attitude and all will be well! hug
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4 Doors FTW

I appreciate the kind words. It def has been a struggle but all you can do is keep your head up ya know. Hopefully be able to be more active on here as well. And yes I agree dave
way happy for you Ryan! bout time things start to take a turn for the positive for you bro!
Glad you can finally start seeing your way out of it man. Hope everything continues to go well with your son and his mother
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