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3m wrapped civic

Never seen this done before, I thought it was pretty cool. I wonder how long did they leave it like that, and how well it held up
[Image: ed68l.jpg]
That is a neat idea
[Image: 20k59i1.jpg]
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Looks pretty sick. I liked the intro too.
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wait till u guys see the pricetag associated with it

Not worth the price.. a few more bucks and you got decent new paint.
I looked into wrapping my car when I had the EJ and Rob is right, definitely cost prohibitive IMO. The main benefit that I see vs. paint is if you have decent paint and want to change the color you can wrap it and go back to the original color whenever.
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4 Doors FTW

I couldn't imagine wrapping a whole car, I have enough trouble putting stickers on without making bubbles lol
[Image: ed68l.jpg]
Didn't watch the video, but is looked into wrapping my car. Expensive. That's why I chose PlastiDip
I looked into it as well a few years back I think they wanted like $1200 to wrap my civic.
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i was thinking about having my old car wrapped. i watched a ton of videos on how to do it. i have been thinking now that i got the EJ8 i might buy some wrap and mess around with some small parts. ie. center console, door panels and if all goes well ill try a body part like my hood or something and then if that works out ill just slowly wrap the whole car. my only thought is would i have to go to the dmv and tell them my car has changed color or does it matter cuz its a sticker?
(01-29-2013, 10:47 PM)EsotericImage Wrote:  wait till u guys see the pricetag associated with it

Not worth the price.. a few more bucks and you got decent new paint.

You're right in that it is about the same price as a quality paint job, but there are upsides to wrapping your car as well.

Say you bought some sort of awesome exotic car, perhaps a silver Ferrari. You're bored, and want to go back to your Honda roots and make your car look like a mismatched, cobbled together piece of junk. You pay to get it wrapped in neon green, sticker bomb the front bumper, and throw a wink mirror in the biatch. Bam! Instant JDM Ferrari. A few weeks later you start asking yourself, "Dear God what have I done?!?"

No harm, just get the vinyl removed and you're back to stock again right as rain, and the next owner is none the wiser that it was molested at some point, as it retained the factory paint job. This is very important to collectors, for example a resprayed Toyota Supra turbo is practically worthless compared to a factory intact one.
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