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2013 Portland Internation Auto Show, Some Pics By Me
All pictures were taken on a samsung galaxy s3, damn i wish i had a nice DSLR

[Image: 8422087388_7021c6b45f_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422083008_0db65b8703_h.jpg]
[Image: 8420984213_2582eb5283_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422061990_c00937e56a_h.jpg]
[Image: 8420961367_151485cd39_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422044644_2df0c09bab_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422039430_8d23d01463_h.jpg]
[Image: 8420940563_644e9cdbb6_h.jpg]
Sat in this FR-S done by portland speed industies and fell in love. sat in it about 3 different times
[Image: 8422028566_1bf9bf08a1_h.jpg]
[Image: 8420927193_5d7559b714_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421058837_dceb2c8d91_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422150882_b22ebdf513_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421053593_96a5c2d939_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422150210_9a71e149ae_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421050731_b4d1cbc557_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421049537_5b3eb0b3c7_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422143560_9c82c9f9ed_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421046471_521b64fb90_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421044641_c33396e5ab_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421043203_a1bd75e002_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421037817_e2c9239057_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422132432_cf76a1d0e8_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421035295_993fece2a3_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422128002_f379ade754_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422114702_a37d37ac6a_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421029999_39dcbcb066_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422122588_f0185c4695_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421027425_85f0a7b37c_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422124692_41e177904b_h.jpg]
Love at first sight
[Image: 8421025191_30d2a61777_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422118832_77092ac8d6_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421021237_879f45d10c_h.jpg]
[Image: 8422116170_2a639f102f_h.jpg]
[Image: 8421019729_029d5a8b40_h.jpg][Image: 8421018627_0d510ffa88_h.jpg]
took a lot more pictures of cars, but it would be a pain to post them up here. all pictures are on my FLICKR
1996 Honda Civic EX
1991 Nissan 240SX
IG: @nwsickness
I heard that Mach 40 stole the show. It's won so many awards and has gotten so much coverage. Unfortunately it does nothing for me. Nothing like the original :\
[Image: sig6.jpg~original]
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