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240sx value vs. actual pricing
I have been looking for a 240sx to buy as a garage project car. The civic is a daily and i can not afford to rip her apart and what not but really would like to learn more about how cars work in general. I have bits of knowledge but there is nothing like the actual experience of removing an engine or other projects that can't be achieved in a few hours or less.

I started playing with the idea of getting an old 240 to play with. I wanted an s13 either hatch or coupe as long as it was a 5 speed and that was basically all I was looking for. I did not care what mods it had necessarily but was really only interested in a cheap one. It could need body work, paint, engine work, missing interior, whatever. I know these get beat up and really that is what I wanted.

Once I had that all in mind I started searching craigslist and that is where my problems started. THEY ARE WAY OVERPRICED. I know the supply and demand for these is sort of high but really when people ask 5-6 grand for a 20+ year old car that needs work it is kind of crazy. Most are between 3.5k - 5k but that is still kind of crazy to me. It sucks and is ridiculous to me. I live in the bay area and I think we have higher prices here than most areas but still.

Just kind of wanted to throw this out there and see what everyone else has to say on this or maybe the issue of cars even like ours that can be so high priced for what they're worth (not saying our cars aren't worth a lot but I am sure everyone has seen the posts where someone thinks their beater is worth 5k because it has some rotas with bald tires, a shift knob, and cheap stereo.)


It's the drift tax, y0!

Yeah, they are overpriced in our area as well. But people still buy them. Craigslist prices are based on what someone is willing to pay, and sadly people will pay for overpriced 240's. If you have the patience to wait a few months you'll probably find one in your price range, but you'll have to constantly watch because once it's posted it'll be snatched up quick.
I thought they would be in the 5k range considering the popularity.

I've never actually looked one up so what do I know
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$3500 is reasonable for something that needs minimal work.
Like this:

I'd pay $3500 for that.

However, this, this is a joke:
For $10k, it better be spotless AND running, not in pieces.

I've seen ones listed for $5k that are beat to hell. I don't understand why, but it's just the way it is I guess.
got my s13 hatch for 2,600. clean title, no major rust, no huge body damage, lower mile ka24de swap, all it really needed is new carpet, weather seals, springs/struts (i bought coilovers) and wheels and tires before it would be drive able.
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in my area prices are:
banged up s13 = 1,500 - 2,000
nice body s13 = 2,500 - 3,300
s13 + sr20 = 4,000 - 5,500
s13 + RBxx = 5,000 - 6,000
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unfortunately, that's how supply and demand works. the popularity of drifting has made the 240 a popular vehicle and that means they tend to be overvalued. it's the same thing w/ Civics, it's the most popular Honda chassis to modify and; therefore, the most overpriced.

my buddy bought his 240 in '98 when we were 16, he had a baby almost a year ago and is thinking of selling it. I'm tempted to buy it but between not being able to sell my CRX and my medical bills it probably won't happen. patience will be a virtue here, just keep looking and don't rush into anything and you'll find a car that fits your plans.
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No kidding, there's tons in my area and they aren't much.

Most are convertible
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meh... i'd pass on a 240 unless you don't ever plan to legally smog it in california. Because imo they aren't that great unless you swap a sr20 or something in them, and you'll never get that legalized in cali.

like a 94 bmw 3series are pretty cheap and rwd, with a good v6 with a lot of aftermarket support also.
i really want to buy one between 2000-2500 and keep the ka and beat the hell out of it til it dies. I have no interest in an sr engine and don't care if it's perfect. just running.

Time is on my side as this is only a thought so I am in no rush. I figure i'll continue saving as if I was going to buy one soon and then I'll have the finance to pull the trigger if i decide to.

Last piece is find out how cheap I can insure it.

I'm in the bay and my brothers looking at s13s and he's telling me they're between 2500-3000
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