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Prayer Request - Health Problems
Hey guys, just needing some prayers/positive thoughts sent my way. I've been having a lot of health issues and things just aren't getting better. Sorry for the long read, I tried to be brief but I'm not very good at that.

Back in November, Ashley (my wife) and I went on our honeymoon. The day we left I started having severe abdominal pain - it felt like there were a bunch of rocks in my stomach banging against each other. I was in a considerable amount of pain the whole week we were gone; I lost about 10 lbs because I couldn't eat and the pain was so bad that I could barely walk. My first thought was my appendix which I quickly dismissed. Then I thought maybe a bowel obstruction or kidney stone, but I've had kidney stones before and that usually causes pain in my back and not my stomach.

When we got back from Mexico, I went to the Dr and they had me give a urine sample, stool sample, blood sample and I had a CT scan done of my abdomen. I was diagnosed w/ an intestinal disease caused diverticulitis, this disease affects thousands of people but normally it's people over the age of 40. As I'm (only) 30 years old, the Dr referred me to a gastroenterologist who has scheduled me to have a colonoscopy at the beginning of next month to rule out any sort of Crohns disease or cancer of the colon/intestine.

I thought that was scary enough, but it's not the end. A couple weeks ago I got sick w/ what felt like the flu/common cold, sick enough that I ended up missing work for most the week. I tried to come back into work after a couple days, but my boss (who is a Respiratory Therapist) sent me home after a couple hours saying I wasn't ready for work. I decided she was right, and went back to the Dr again. They tested me for the flu and I had a chest xray done to rule out pneumonia. Well, I was negative for flu and pneumonia but was instead diagnosed w/ Asthmatic Bronchitis. I have no history of asthma, but now have asthma and bronchitis.

It's been about 2 weeks now, the oral steroid and antibiotics I was prescribed are done w/ and now I'm just using a nebulizer to do breathing treatments a couple times/day. I'm still hacking up a bunch of crap from my lungs and am definitely not 100% but better than I was the first week. Well, today I get a call from my Dr again...they say that there was a "shadow" on my chest xray and want me to come in for another one. Apparently, about 10% of chest xrays will show a "nipple shadow" that can look like a mass/nodule in the lung. From what I read, about 1.4% of those can't be ruled out as nipple shadows and another xray has to be done. So I went in for another xray today to rule out any mass/tumor in my lung. They put pasties on my nipples today which will mark them to be ruled out.

I'm more than a little freaked out right now. I am not quite 31 years old and am having a colonoscopy which I shouldn't need normally for another decade. Now I'm having my lungs xrayed for cancerous masses as well. It's all very overwhelming. To make it just that much worse, we opted for a high deductible insurance plan this year because neither my wife or I ever get sick. All of this stuff started the week after we made our elections for this year. I'm going to end up meeting my $4000 deductible in the first quarter of the year which is good AND bad. Good in that I'll at least be covered at 80% after that, bad in that I'll have $4000 to pay out to various doctors and hospitals. Anyways, this ended up being much longer than I expected. I just needed to get that all out of my head and on paper. I am staying hopeful that they'll find nothing wrong w/ lungs, intestines and colon...but it's not easy.
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Wow, thats quite the turn of events. Hopefully its nothing too serious. Try to stay positive (I know its hard) but try as much as you can because if you stay depressed by this news, your body will act differently than if you were acknowledging everything.

Good Luck with the results, hope they are good news bigthumbup
Godspeed Dave! Hope its nothing serious.
Wow Dave that's some crazy stuff. I'll send a shout out for you tonight.
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thanks, guys. I'm trying to stay positive. Until I know something is wrong for sure there's no reason to assume there is. It's not just the medical aspect as much as the combined medical and financial aspects that are so rough. We have nearly $2000 in medical bills already, the colonoscopy will be another ~$2K and we just did our taxes last night and it's showing we owe $1750 there. The tax thing kills me, I've never owed that much. We usually owe the state but get money back from the Fed. Trying to figure out WTF is going on there, hopefully we missed something and it's not that bad...but it doesn't look like it.

Regardless, I told Ashley yesterday that we'll make it through this. Hopefully I'm not sick, and if I am then I'll fight through it and get better. We may be broke for a while but we'll just have to adjust what we spend our money on and pay back money over time. If it gets bad enough, my parents have money enough to loan us some at a lower interest rate then my credit card or what the gov't will allow. We're gonna push through this and come out just fine on the other side. Now to just cling to that shred of positivity while we wait for the results of this newest xray...
Jackie-O Wrote:My house is home to the illusive, yet powerful, Nom Noms. He will eat your babbys. His eyes are like laser beams, his claws are sharp talons. He slaps like a pimp and makes dogs run in fear.
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Good luck bud, I'm not the praying type but you'll be on my mind. Keep me posted on how you're doing in case I miss your fb updates
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Dang man :/ ill keep you in my thoughts man. That's tough tho. I hope it works out for you.
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No bueno. I actually had a buddy going through something similar. He's 24 and had to have colonoscopy's and what not done to try and figure out what's wrong. He did tell me it's not as bad as you imagine, but it's still uncomfortable. I'll definitely be praying for ya. Hoping for the best as well.
I know you'll pull thru Dave hug I was just wondering are you a smoker? I've known or heard about a smoker that has had major issues with their lungs, and throat, all in their 30's and are smokers. One had a bad issue with bronchitis, and one actually developed throat cancer. Are you still currently in any pain?
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I am a smoker...of multiple things. I quit smoking cigarettes this Monday and haven't had one yet this week. I'm not really in pain at the moment, the intestinal issue seems to be in remission for the moment which is good and my lungs don't really hurt most the time. Sometimes, if I stretch too hard or the wrong way it hurts my lungs and I get short of breath w/ fairly little effort. Luckily, I work for a company that supplies medical equipment so I got myself a nebulizer for barely over cost and am doing breathing treatments a couple times a day which seems to be helping.

Hopefully I'll hear back from the MD tomorrow so I don't spend the weekend wondering what is going on. If I don't then I'll call them in the afternoon to see if they can't tell me something. Thanks for all the support guys, I really appreciate it. hug
Jackie-O Wrote:My house is home to the illusive, yet powerful, Nom Noms. He will eat your babbys. His eyes are like laser beams, his claws are sharp talons. He slaps like a pimp and makes dogs run in fear.
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