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How do you cope with stress, anger...
So I come to the conclusion that I have a really short fuse.

I was wondering, how do some of you guys cope with things?

Sometimes throwing a hammer at my windows feels like its the best thing, but I don't really wanna go to that haha..
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Talk to god.
Pig out on one of ur fav meals.

All those things help me pretty well.

You gotta try not to focus on stress and negativity becuase it will draw more of it towards you. Focus on positive and more positive things will manifest in ur life. (as per the law of attraction) .Its hard to grasp or believe for most but if your strong-minded you can do it.
-Jay was here
One shot of whiskey and two beers usually works for me. haha
Maybe you can tweak it to fit?
smoke a j lol.

or meditative breathing

Drive around, rap with plenty of cuss words blasting.

Drive around, talk to myself.


Disc golf.

Writing. Mostly a journal on Microsoft word.



I've always had anger issues. In the last year or so, I've had to nut up and face them and figure out how to deal with my emotions. I've lost friends, and most importantly the love of my life due to anger issues. Once you lose something you love that much, you figure it out. Quick. Don't know that I'd advise alcohol, because that can just make you angrier and really say stuff you regret. Dip is my quick fix, but obviously it's not healthy. To start off, go buy a punching bag or maybe just a speed bag to punch. You have to find something constructive to channel your anger.
I usually go and clean all my tools and organize them Smile that helps for me but you'll find something soon
Come to the gym
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"Tap,Snap or Nap" You pick!
Lately i've been cleaning the house and washing everything... Which is odd. Maybe im subconsciously dealing with my issues
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I also have a short fuse/anger "issues" ... finding a way to temporary remove yourself from whatever is upsetting you is damn near a requirement for me.

Running ... either until my legs hurt or I've calmed down
Gym ... imagine that every time you lower the weights, you're squashing whatever is upsetting you.
Long drives on back roads with music blaring (or complete silence)
Destroying something ... my personal favorite but accordingly not usually the one that I can do, haha.
Yelling at the top of my lungs after I find a quiet place on a long drive.

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