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How do you cope with stress, anger...
I have a short temper as well.

It's something difficult to deal with.
But for me, the best ways to cope with anger or stress, are..
Driving alone with loud music blasting, hitting up one lane roads, hillside.
Running, or lifting weights.
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also hard to compete with playing a little grand theft auto lol.

(01-23-2013, 02:42 PM)EastBayKellen Wrote:  also hard to compete with playing a little grand theft auto lol.
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"Tap,Snap or Nap" You pick!
honestly drugs and alcohol do help temporarily. And often times, after habitual use end up giving you newer and worser problems then whatever you were running to them for in the first place.

I think having a short fuse, goes hand in hand with something in your life that you are unhappy with. Whether there is something in your past or something more recently.

Things I do to try to keep a good mind, is go to church. Pray, read the bible. Something about that gives me hope, gives me a sense of being thankful for my life and how it is. I wasn't raised in church or anything, but i must say that i feel very blessed after going through a lot of hard times.

Some other things i do when something sets me off which i never used to do when i was younger, is actually breathe and i'll call my girl and tell her what happened. Which I hate doing, and I hate sharing my feelings but i find after i force it out i feel a lot better. And after talking to her about it, i usually realize it wasn't that big of a deal.

I'd say also driving, but depending on how mad you are, but i've done some pretty dumb things on the street when i was pissed, that in hindsight im glad not to have been caught doing. And am lucky i never hurt myself or anyone else.

I really like to play basketball, by myself though. I'll go up to the local school, put on my ipod and just do drills and practice... Its a good way for me to clear my mind, and get lost out on the court by myself. then I'll go run a few laps on the track and usually i'll feel better.

I guess we all have our own ways of getting "set off" but i really try to avoid situations and what not to piss me off.
Smoke some magical plant.
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hit vtec

get high and play wiz khalifa
ok well some of these are funny and might be helpful.

this is my suggestion. go online and get some trance or some music without words that has very long tracks you can find some on youtube that are like an hour long. grab one or 2 of those and go for a cruise with these playing. roll up your windows and get out of the heavy traffic zones. ie. back roads or smaller highway. now just cruise and let the music fill your mind. focus on the road and the music ... yes in that order. for me sometimes this just makes everything go away and i just enter a zone of complete bliss where nothing else matters but the road the music and me driving. ive done this with someone in the car and missed a half hour of them talking. ahh its so peaceful lol.

here is a link to a few nice tracks. a buddy of mine in florida made them.
I gotta take some of the advice in this thread, im stressed maybe 6/7 days a week and I do absolutely nothing about it but im beginning to realize I can't put up with it

only thing that seems to help me is taking a nap lol even then sometimes im worse off
My best friends are Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.

I told them to take good care of you too!

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(06-11-2011, 03:26 PM)BIGhebrew Wrote:  Well. It's carved out of illegal whale bone in Italy. They only make 1200 a year. They cost 12 billion leera or about 45000 dollars. You can help yourself to the j lines but don't dare touch the bbs

(01-23-2013, 02:42 PM)EastBayKellen Wrote:  also hard to compete with playing a little grand theft auto lol.

(01-27-2013, 04:03 PM)EYAR15 Wrote:  Smoke some magical plant.

(02-10-2013, 08:09 PM)openshot Wrote:  hit vtec

get high and play wiz khalifa

(11-29-2013, 05:10 PM)FuzzyBlanket Wrote:  My best friends are Jim Beam and Jack Daniels.

I told them to take good care of you too!


all pretty good but what about having sex and Im not talking about with yourself lol. well unless u have aids or something lol cuz then your just spreading your problem if you get what i mean...
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