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a prayer please
Hey squad,

My family and i received some bad news, about my oldest brother.
He had been going to the dr for some blood tests that the drs wanted to run
And after plenty of tests theyve came to the conclusion that he might have leukimia.
There is one more test that will be ran just double check but all my family and i can do is pray that its not leukimia but either way guys, please say a prayer for my older brother Raphael , please.

Ill definitely keep this thread up to date as it goes on
Sorry to hear this, Just learned recently that my stepfather died with the same thing but didnt know till it was too late. hope everything turns out for your Bro. Hope they catch it in time.
Hope everything comes back negative. Positive thoughts sent.
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4 Doors FTW

Thanks fellas.
i shall pray for your brother man hope everything comes out good.
Thank You.
I hope everything turns for the best. Your family will be in our prayers.
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Great awesome news for my family<3
It is a false alarm !!!!!
Thanks everyone who prayed and had him in there thots!!!
Wow that fantastic news. I am glad to here that he will be ok.
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